Where 2012: Launch Presentations

Michael Bauer (Brilliant Arc), Paul Rademacher (Tasty Labs), Jon Tirmandi (Normative Inc + Normative Labs Inc.), Jaak Laineste (Nutiteq), Perry Evans (Closely, Inc.), David Blackman (Foursquare)

These back-to-back 5-minute launch sessions showcase companies and products debuting at Where.

Zombies! Awake!

Michael Bauer, Brilliant Arc
You’re a zombie. A mobile local zombie. All hungry zombies have to pick a restaurant on their mobile application first. We help zombies find brains whether they’re in restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets.

Satellite Art

Paul Rademacher, Tasty Labs
As geo developers, we look at satellite imagery all the time. But how often do you just sit back and admire these amazing hi-res images of our world? In this presentation we’ll look at the accidental artistry of satellite images. Fractal deserts, manicured farms, geometric cities, industrial wastelands – already photographed and waiting to be framed.


Jon Tirmandi, Normative Inc + Normative Labs Inc.
See how we at Locus help brands build meaningful augmented experiences.

Nutiteq 3D Mobile Mapping SDK

Jaak Laineste, Nutiteq
Applications powered by Nutiteq SDK have been available for several years and these are used by over 10 million end-users. Nutiteq announces the new generation of its key product: Nutiteq 3D mobile mapping SDK which enables to upgrade your mobile location-based applications to 3D views with minimal haggle.


Perry Evans, Closely, Inc.
“This thing really scales when the merchants log-in and uses my super simple, kickass solomopromo dashboard.” Alas, the LBS graveyard is littered with start-up carcasses whose business model relies on business owner kickstarting a new service by contributing content. Guess what, those clouds don’t break, and those angels don’t sing!

So, we’ve flipped this model on it’s head. We doesn’t ask the business to do anything – we just deliver them value as soon as they turn on our new mobile app. And every time they hit refresh. You see, sometimes you just have to earn your way.

Join us as we preview Closely’s new Mobile app for local businesses, Perch.

Twofish: A Simple, Extensible Geocoder From Foursquare

David Blackman, Foursquare
As part of the transition to OSM, Foursquare has had a need for a
geocoding solution with a license amenable to displaying on OSM tiles,
redistributing in an API, and saving in our database. We have written
a coarse geocoder in scala and python based on geonames and flickr
data, with an eye towards a future OSM import and foursquare data
infusions. We are open sourcing the server and integrating it into our
API with very friendly terms of service. Additional components include
an in-memory country and timezone reverse geocoder.

Michael Bauer

Brilliant Arc

Michael Bauer started working as an Internet professional in 1993 for Tim O’Reilly on the Global Network Navigator, selling one of the very first Internet advertisements to NordicTrack. He went on to build his first company which in turn put the first version of Mapquest on the Internet, deployed some of the first e-commerce sites (BlackBox and Fisher Scientific), and developed an early domain name Internet directory on Internet.ORG. After selling his first company, Michael worked on the integration of local search and directory systems for a company called iAtlas (later sold to Alta Vista), created a localized version of the DMOZ Open Directory for Webb Interactive, worked as the Vice President of Open Source relations for Jabber, Inc., and consulted with Joltid (which later became Skype). Michael became Vice President of Product Strategy for Local Matters, initially working for such clients as Dex, Sensis, and Pages Jaunes on local ontology systems. At LMI he led the “Lab”, conducting research and prototyping consumer-centric local search applications. Before leaving LMI, Michael spearheaded the development of localguides.com and briefly managed the AreaGuides business. Michael is currently CEO of Brilliant Arc, a Local Internet company, specializing in local ontology and listing management. Michael works at the intersection of business, design, and technology in the conceptualization and implementation of new Internet-based applications. Michael holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Science in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

Photo of Paul  Rademacher

Paul Rademacher

Tasty Labs

Paul Rademacher is VP of Engineering at Tasty Labs, a new startup working on tools to improve everyday life. He was previously an engineering manager for Google Maps, and Technical Lead for the Google Earth Browser Plugin and API. Prior to joining Google, Paul was the creator of HousingMaps.com, a combination of Craigslist and Google Maps that was the first-ever map mashup. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, and worked as an R&D Software Engineer for Dreamworks Animation on films including Shrek 2 and Madagascar.

Jon Tirmandi

Normative Inc + Normative Labs Inc.

I own and operate a design firm called Normative Design (www.normativedesign.com) and a product design firm called Normative Labs.

Normative Design does awesome work for awesome clients. We started and grew this design consultancy for one reason. To build a team with the expertise to let us spend almost all of our time on what I am really passionate about, our product company Normative Labs. At Labs we explore the future of interaction design and have one product at the moment, Locus.

Locus (www.getlocus.com) is our location based publishing platform. Locus can deliver any content to any place at any time. We are currently working with a number of companies to bring useful executions of this technology to market.

Photo of Jaak Laineste

Jaak Laineste


Nutiteq enables independent, quick, easy and cost-effective mobile mapping application development with its open sourced MGMaps Mobile Mapping SDK and other products.

Photo of Perry Evans

Perry Evans

Closely, Inc.

Founder/ceo of Closely, Inc. past lives include founder/ceo of Local Matters, chairman/co-founder of Jabber Inc. & co-founder/president of MapQuest Publishing Group.

Photo of David Blackman

David Blackman


David Blackman is a software engineer at Foursquare, working on GIS infrastructure, venue database tools and quality, checkin events, application monitoring, and only a few dozen other projects. Before Foursquare, he was an engineer on Google Maps and still has no sense of direction. He graduated from Stanford and these days he is back in NYC representing for Stuyvesant High School.

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  • Nokia, Location & Commerce
  • Facebook
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  • Control Group
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  • MyCityWay
  • Socrata
  • Urban Airship
  • MapQuest

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