360Cities Stack & Realtime 360º Images at SXSW

Jeffrey Martin (360cities.net)
Stack Yerba Buena Salon 12-14

Learn about the 360Cities stack vis-à-vis Jeffrey’s attempt to automatically stitch, geotag, upload, publish, and tweet high-resolution 360º images in near-realtime at SXSW 2012.

Photo of Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin


360 Cities blankets the whole world in beautiful 360º photography. We are happy to discuss partnership with both small and large companies who seek to better visualize popular locations throughout the world and who would benefit from 360 Cities’ platform, content, and imaging technologies.

Jeffrey Martin is the founder of 360cities.net and is an acknowledged leader of the global panoramic photographer community. These days he splits his time between managing the evolution of Panomonkey.com and creating astonishingly large “Gigapixel Panoramas” such as the world’s largest 360º panorama, London 80 Gigapixels and the world’s largest interior photo .

Jeffrey will be launching Panomonkey.com at the Where 2.0 Launch Sessions on Wednesday April 20 at 14:10. Panomonkey is an online panorama stitcher, allowing anyone with any type of camera to shoot overlapping photos, upload them to Panomonkey, and see a blended, color-corrected panorama live on the web moments later. This allows many new possibilities and applications for journalism, real estate, mapping of businesses and streets, security, and other industries.

Jeffrey is also interested in meeting Angels or VC’s to discuss possible funding in 2011.

  • Esri
  • AT&T Interactive
  • Google
  • Nokia, Location & Commerce
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Control Group
  • Localeze
  • MyCityWay
  • Socrata
  • Urban Airship
  • MapQuest

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