Geobrowsing with Google Earth - Tips and Tricks from the Google Earth Team

Peter Birch (Google), Brendan Kenny (Google), Sean Askay (Google, Inc.), Julien Mercay (Google)
Location Development Yerba Buena Salon 4-6

Google Earth as a geo-browser; new features and lesser-known gems: We will talk about the latest capabilities of the Google Earth desktop and mobile clients, as well as review several of the lesser-known yet powerful features such as touring and historical imagery.

Geo-browsing on Google Earth mobile: mobile is the future of geo. We’ll talk about how to find, share, and view geo-content on both iOS and Android devices.

Advanced features in KML: KML is a standard for creating and sharing geo-content. We’ll cover some of the newer Google additions to this powerful language.

3D and the web: the Google Earth API gives you easy access to the power of Google Earth, in your own web application. We’ll highlight some of our favorites and talk about how to create a compelling 3D web application.

Photo of Peter Birch

Peter Birch


Peter Birch joined Google in 2006 as Product Manager for Google Earth, Google’s 3D earth visualization tool that combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings. He is responsible for the direction, growth, and success of the Google Earth product family including Google Earth Free, Pro, and Enterprise, the Google Earth API and browser plug-in, and Google Earth for the iPhone and Android.

Peter has 17 years of professional experience in the computer graphics industry. Prior to joining Google, he was the Graphics Hardware Lead in Microsoft’s Xbox group, managing the architecture, implementation, and manufacturing for the Xbox360 graphics chipset. Before Xbox, Peter spent ten years at Silicon Graphics, Inc., working on both hardware and software projects, including the Personal Iris, Indigo, Indigo2, and Octane graphics workstations and the OpenGL and Inventor graphics library products.

Peter received a BS summa cum laude in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo and an MBA from the University of California- Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Brendan Kenny


Photo of Sean Askay

Sean Askay

Google, Inc.

Sean Askay is a Developer Support Engineer on the Google Earth Outreach team, which aims to help non-profit organizations use mapping technology to further their missions.

Sean specializes in the innovative use of KML to create compelling content and has been a central force behind Google Earth’s Global Awareness layers. He is the creator of which maps 5500+ Iraq/Afghanistan solider casualties and hometowns. Sean also created the Apollo 11 tour for Moon in Google Earth, which was a groundbreaking using of the KML touring language.

Sean also develops and delivers training for Google’s mapping tools, including the 2008 trip to the Amazon and a 2009 trip to Africa working with indigenous and local communities on the use of mapping and internet technologies. Sean has a background in biology and environmental science and has worked on everything from visualization of wireless sensor networks to the study of ethnobotany and traditional agriculture in the South Pacific.

Julien Mercay


Julien Mercay is the lead for Google Earth for Mobile. He has been a critical contributor for Google Earth on Android phone and tablet, iPhone/iPad, and Google Earth for car navigation systems.

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