Building The Augmented City

Trak Lord (metaio)
Location Development Yerba Buena Salon 10-11

Until recently, location-based Augmented Reality (AR) was both limited to and defined by broad GPS coordinates and pre-positioned markers. Though these elements enabled many stellar use cases, GPS data becomes less reliable with proximity and the floating Points of Interest lack real referent to the physical world.

New developments in AR technology can and will lead to context-aware, relevant, digital and 3D information overlaid directly onto structures like buildings, public transportation vehicles, billboards, signs- essentially any real world object- all in real-time and all from a mobile device. A combination 3D object recognition and incorporating an understanding of real-world physics into a smartphone allow for the real-time 3D mapping of the wealth of geodata available onto a real-world structure.

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Trak Lord


Trak Lord is the Marketing and Media Relations Manager for metaio, Inc, the San Francisco subsidiary of metaio GmbH, one of world’s leading augmented reality software providers and producer of the mobile app junaio. Before joining metaio, Trak ran a development agency called VitaminAR that offered client services and custom mobile AR development for brands and agencies. Trak has also published his technical writing on the internet and in the physical world, on sites like TweakTown and in publications such as MEDIA magazine. His work still appears regularly in the Augmented and junaio blogs.

Trak received his Bachelor’s from Dartmouth, where he studied languages, literature, cybersocial theory, 20th Century thought and psychoanalysis, and now resides in San Francisco.

  • Esri
  • AT&T Interactive
  • Google
  • Nokia, Location & Commerce
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Control Group
  • Localeze
  • MyCityWay
  • Socrata
  • Urban Airship
  • MapQuest

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