How LBS Is Used To Build Egypt 2.0

Adel Youssef (Amazon AI)
Keynote Yerba Buena Salon 9
This is presentation will be streamed live along with the other keynotes.
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The current events in the Middle East and North Africa have shone a spotlight on how activists and ordinary citizens are using social media to organize for social change. This talk will focus on how LBS are currently being used. Adel will share real-life use cases showing how activists used LBS to save lives, and organize efforts to harness the power of the community for country development. We will quickly cover topics like:

  1. Using LBS for ad-hoc fleet management to help Libyans overcome a tyrant.
  2. From FB Like to checkin – showing your friends that you are actively participating in events
  3. Using maps to locate corruption
  4. Locating events where I can make a change on the go (blood donation, cleaning a street, distributing food for the neeedy, …etc

The talk will conclude with a summary of lessons that activists in other regions of the world can learn to improve the world.

Photo of Adel Youssef

Adel Youssef

Amazon AI

Dr. Youssef has joined Google on June, 2006 and since then he has been working on location based services. Dr. Youssef received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park in 2006. His thesis work was on location determination in wireless networks. He has three granted patents and eight pending ones. His research interests include location determination technologies, pervasive computing, sensor networks and protocol modelling. Dr. Youssef is one of the founder of the LBS team at Google and one of the principal engineers behind cellid-based location.

  • Esri
  • AT&T Interactive
  • Google
  • Nokia, Location & Commerce
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Control Group
  • Localeze
  • MyCityWay
  • Socrata
  • Urban Airship
  • MapQuest

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