To Map an Entire Country

Kate Chapman (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
Location Development Yerba Buena Salon 1-3
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The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) truly got its start after the earthquake in Haiti. A very reactive situation the OpenStreetMap community worked together to provide maps where few were available. Immediately began a discussion of how to best create maps before a disaster were to occur. Starting early in 2011 I was able to try techniques for pre-mapping with HOT and began traveling to Indonesia.

The focus in Indonesia was “How to map an entire country?” The mapping was specifically every building in order to determine where people live and how many might be effected by a natural disaster. Indonesia is spread out over 17,000 islands and has the fourth largest population in the world; mapping everything sounds like an insurmountable task.

HOT began a series of workshops and evaluations to best determine how to encourage people to map and make it easier for them to do so. Two methods were used, hosting a university competition in urban areas and helping people already doing mapping in rural areas. In my talk I will discuss what we learned from these two different methods, what modifications to OpenStreetMap software were shown to be necessary. You will learn detailed answers to questions about our study in Indonesia such as “Did the students cheat in the contest?” and “What kinds of information do villages not want to share?” Most importantly you’ll learn “Can these methods be used to map an entire country?”

Photo of Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Over the past 10 years Kate has mapped all sorts of things. Everything from mosquitoes, to individual houses for e911 to hurricanes and occasionally even things that don’t exist such as augmented reality games. A traditional geographer by training, she switched to the neogeography realm a couple years ago.

Currently she is one of the individuals behind the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). HOT utilizes the tools and techniques of OpenStreetMap to help community prepare for disaster and rebuild when a disaster does strike.

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