"A who's who of location-aware players." Michael Calore, Wired.com webmonkey

"Where 2.0 did a superb job of gathering the major parties to the table to discuss mobile-social-mapping." Joe Francica, Directions Magazine

"The sixth edition of O'Reilly Media's annual Where 2.0 conference wrapped yesterday, possibly the most exciting and definitely the most widely attended edition to date. The premise was consistent with that of previous years: citizen map-making democratizes our world, location is pervasive, and we can be assured of the financial value of geographic data and location-aware advertising. But there was something else going on, too, something new, complex and big: the realization that we need to build services that let people manipulate their world, not just learn about it." Di-Ann Eisnor, GigaOM

"Where 2.0 is a unique gathering that mixes together the usual geo-suspects with a potent mix of Silicon Valley strivers and curious IT folks. This year attendance is back up to just shy of 1000 and the venue is packed full. There is nothing like the psychology of a full room to get people buzzing." Paul Ramsey, OpenGeo

"I would say Where 2.0 trumps SXSW and deserves some much needed contemplation." Ian Stinson, Geo Local Road Map

"Three days of packed presentations by amazingly smart, passionate people. They are here to share their ideas with others and build upon their successes to make new applications and new ways of doing things. It is really interesting to see the supportive and sharing atmosphere working to drive the technology." Stephanie Tamar Ayanian, Geospatial Revolution Project

"So this year's Where 2.0 in a sentence: location technology can help people have fun, and it can also just plain help people. Good news all around." Paul Ramsey, OpenGeo

"Nokia…at the Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose, CA, the world's biggest event focused on exploring location based services." —Carlos Silva, The S60 blog

"Where 2.0, now in its fifth year, is the tech industry's biggest showcase for the latest geo-enabled hardware and software—an area that's hit a new level of saturation as location-based tech rapidly moves into our smartphones, our laptops and, consequently, into our experience on the web." Michael Calore, Wired.com webmonkey

"Where 2.0 is THE event for location based services and with the evolution of Maps, the perfect place to talk about what's new and exciting." JBC, Nokia Conversations

"Many thanks indeed for an excellent conference. I was dead-impressed with the welcoming congeniality of the staff, the quality of the presentations, and smooth running of it all. Thanks for making Yahoo! a part." Tyler Bell, Yahoo! Inc.

"A hotspot of creative thinking and investigation into what's possible in terms of location-based services today, and what's just around the corner." Mike Cooper, Nokia

"I spent Wednesday listening to presentations about how the evolution of location-based mobile services and the geo-coding of information on the Web were changing the way we experience the Internet. It was geeky, exciting stuff." —Chris O'Brien, Mercury News Columnist

"Where 2.0 was tremendous." Gregory Dicum, freelance journalist

"[Where 2.0 2008] was a great conference, an excellent set of speakers and a wonderful opportunity to learn and network." Frank San Miguel, Founder, Concharto.org

"Back to the office after a great week at #where20 and #wherecamp—looking forward to following up with lots of the great folks we met." Sarah Manley via Twitter

"Where 2.0 was the most interesting and provocative conference I have ever attended" —John Frank, Founder and CTO, MetaCarta, Inc.

"The Where 2.0 conference is probably one of the most important meetings of the year for developers of new Web 2.0 mapping technologies." Frank Taylor, Google Earth Blog

"I can't remember a conference I have attended in the past few years where there was just so much to take-in. [The next] Where 2.0…will be a show not to miss." Ed Parsons, edparsons.com

"Where 2.0 was a terrific event that showcased cutting-edge technology, geo-spatial tools and advanced thinking about place and participation. It's like a sneak preview of tomorrow's consumer and enterprise applications." —Greg Sterling, Sterling Market Intelligence

"Many companies are trying to position themselves as leaders in the geolocation field this week, which makes sense since the sure-to-be-fascinating Where 2.0 conference kicks off next week." —Rafe Needleman, CNET News.com

"[Where 2.0] presentations provided a stimulating combination of cartographic history, bleeding-edge technologies (many of them still under construction), and debate over how businesses can tap into the new excitement over consumer access to geo-referenced data on the Web." Wade Roush

"The Where 2.0 Conference is an excellent forum for the mapping community to discuss the future of mapping for businesses and consumers." Stephen Lawler, Microsoft MapPoint GM

"If you are in the web 2.0 mapping business, and the virtual globe business, I think this is probably one of the best conferences, if not the best, to attend." Frank Taylor, Google Earth Blog

"Great conference! Met some smart people, learned about some great companies and had a blast!" Justin Kifer

"The content was nonstop, forward thinking awesome." @schneidermike

"The presentations from the Where 2.0 conference always blow me away." Andrew Crook, GIS and Agent-based Modeling

"The Valley’s preeminent conference for Location-based services." William Gill, Will's Blog

The Business Case for Where

You know that attending conferences is one of the most efficient ways to learn about best practices and new tools, expand your network, comparison-shop the latest products, and get inspiration to streamline and energize your day-to-day operations. But do you—or your boss—have to work extra hard to justify continuing education? Here are a few salient points that may help you make a case for attending Where.

Add to the bottom line by learning:

  • Which technologies are proving to be the most efficient and flexible for creating cutting-edge, location-aware mobile apps
  • Important advancements in HTML5, JQueryMobile, and other languages and tools central to mobile development
  • Who is developing the tools that make collecting, storing, retrieving, and analyzing huge amounts of location data possible
  • The latest tools and tips for building and optimizing fast, beautiful maps, data visualizations, and custom geostacks
  • How to make the best use of location data for optimized SEO, social networking, and customized, highly granular advertisings
  • Tips and techniques to overcome the challenges of indoor mapping and navigation
  • How location and mobile are changing the face of the health care industry
  • Big data, algorithms, and use cases necessary to win in the new age of commerce
  • How to help your geoanalytics keep up with your data flow
  • Tips and tricks from the Google Earth team
  • How to use maps to convey the story you want to tell, gather the right data, and integrate into your app or website.
  • How to choose the right context for your brand, audience, budget, and resources
  • Best practices for incorporating contextually relevant content strategy into responsive design?
  • When *not* to use maps
  • Geostack case studies from the open source community
  • How to use location to compete with the online shopping world as a brick and mortar business
  • How to master HTML5’s GeoLocation API with PhoneGap
  • How to maximize experience and return *after* the check-in and plan for future tense social networking in your location strategy
  • Optimizing your data to reduce customer wait times and increase service levels

Why more training?

  • In-house professional development means less outsourcing and greater efficiency
  • Better understanding of options and integration cuts operating expenses
  • Learning to plan for growth reduces costly mistakes in the long run
  • Increasing your company's—and your own—skills and knowledge base on new mobile and location technologies and business models is a competitive advantage
  • Professional development leads to greater job satisfaction and employee retention

Why network?

  • Making connections with other professionals provides resources for future projects
  • Understanding how other companies have implemented new processes cuts down the time to execute similar projects at your company
  • Building your circle gives you strong options for your next key hire
  • Where's Attendee Directory allows you to set business meetings with other conference participants before and during the event, and keeps you connected afterwards

Show what you'll learn

  • Be topic savvy: With four different main topics and over 45 sessions to choose from, and a dozen sub-topics, there will always be a session to fit your educational needs
  • Create your Personal Schedule—use the calendar icon to mark the sessions that address the problems you need to solve on the job, and show it to your boss
  • Attending with other members of your team? Use your Personal Schedules to avoid overlap and make sure you're maximizing company time in sessions

Share the know-how

Let your boss know that you'll share your newly acquired knowledge with the rest of the team:

  • Plan a presentation for a working lunch after you return
  • Write up a report of the conference, along with an action plan based on what you learned
  • Supplement your own materials with the speakers' slides and keynote videos, which are posted as the conference progresses
  • Gather up information from the Exhibit Hall and bring it back for your colleagues to review
  • Make a database with the business cards you bring back and share this experts network with your team

Optimize your budget

  • Register Early: the earlier you sign up, the more you save on registration costs, travel, and hotel
  • Check out the Discounts: If you qualify, a discount can be used during the Early Registration phase to save even more
  • Bring a Team: Send three or more colleagues from your company and save 20% on each registration. Each person can attend different workshops and sessions to bring back even more valuable skills, tips, and techniques
  • Where Twitter and Facebook followers are always eligible for discounts

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