Aaron Straup Cope

Aaron Straup Cope
Awesome Maker and Director of Inappropriate Project Names, Stamen Design


Aaron Straup Cope is Canadian by birth, American by descent, North American by experience et MontrĂ©alais au fond. Aaron spent five years as a senior engineer at Flickr, focusing on all things mobile, geo and “machine tag” related, before leaving to join Stamen Design in 2009. Once upon a time, he was still a painter. Aaron does not normally speak in the third person.


Aaron Straup Cope (Stamen Design)
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We've spent so long fussing over the relentless details in cartography that we've sort of forgotten what things (should) look like at a distance. Can we use the tools at our disposal to discover new "dragons" on maps we've not yet imagined? Read more.
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