Interacting with Local Governments: Best Practices

Ben Berkowitz (SeeClickFix), Kam Lasater (SeeClickFix)
Business & Strategy Ballroom F

There’s more to mapping potholes and reporting broken streetlights than just creating a website. During the past three years, SeeClickFix has been working with governments at the local level to demonstrate the value of many-to-many and one-to-many communication. Although the process has not been easy, there are some best practices that can be replicated to strengthen and advance the Gov 2.0 movement and make local government stronger, more efficient and more responsive. Ben and Kam, co-founders of SeeClickFix, will explain their experiences and take-aways as well as open the discussion to discuss both effective and change management at the local government level. SeeClickFix is a service that allows citizens to communicate publicly with governments all over the world about concerns in their community.

Photo of Ben Berkowitz

Ben Berkowitz


Ben Berkowitz is the cofounder and CEO of SeeClickFix, a company born out of Ben’s frustration with traditional civic communication methods with local government. Through SeeClickFix, Ben has been able to set a precedent of transparency and public feedback in the local service request process. Nearly three million block-level neighborhood issues have been resolved on SeeClickFix, and both the platform and Ben’s leadership in civic tech have served as examples of web technology shaping the future of civics.

Photo of Kam Lasater

Kam Lasater


Kam Lasater is cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer of SeeClickFix. Previously, he was a software and data architect for Higher One, where he helped the company scale to 2-plus million users. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2003 with a BS in Computer Engineering. He and his inner geek are fascinated with internet scale computing.

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