Facebook Places - Search, Ranking and Recommendations

Srinivas Narayanan (Facebook AI)
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Searching for places nearby and discovering interesting new places are
important aspects of the Facebook Places product. In this talk, we will
describe our system for querying and ranking nearby places in search
results. Our system combines user-generated places with places from other
sources to provide high-quality results. We will also describe the system
that provides personalized place recommendations.

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Srinivas Narayanan

Facebook AI

Srinivas Narayanan leads the Applied Research team at Facebook AI doing research and development in a wide range of areas such as PyTorch, computer vision, natural language, speech, and personalization to push the state of the art in AI to advance Facebook products. He’s led several major efforts at Facebook, including creating the interest graph, launching the location product, and leading engineering for photos, where he also helped start Facebook’s efforts in computer vision and deep learning. Previously, he was a founding member of two startups and part of the database systems research group at IBM Research – Almaden.

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