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Location Amplifier: A New Interaction Framework that Bridges the Real and Virtual Worlds

Location Amplifier is a service framework that enhances your personal
experience by unobtrusively pushing location based content to your
mobile device. Your mobile device turns into an “amplifier” that
presents you with rich content from the networked virtual world
based on your location to augment your real world experience. It
provides a framework that allows you to interact with the surrounding
environment in new ways. Users’ lifestyles can be enhanced by
providing practical applications via Location Amplifier such as
way-finding and guide services, but Location Amplifier can also
bring the real-world experience closer the user in fun and otherwise
unexplored ways.

We presented Location Amplifier (Amp) for Tokyo Train at the Where
Fair in 2008. It was a custom application tuned to amplify your
experience on the Yamanote Line, one of the main train lines that
runs in the heart of Tokyo. Location Amp for Tokyo Train combined
the wireless LAN positioning technology, PlaceEngine and the
accelerometer module in the device to estimate your position.

Other Location Amp services have already been rolled out for the
Japanese market. It has been proven in a city-wide environment in
Yokohama and in building complexes such as stadiums, conventions,
and event halls. Users simply bring their PSPs or iPhones to the
area to access Location Amp services. Recently, we have been
planning to provide Location Amp along the Tokyo train and subway
lines to provide practical way-finding services with guides for
tourists, restaurants, and shopping, or even historic information
from the past. On top of this, Location Amp can be applied to fun
game-like situations where users can interact with the environment
and each other to join an orienteering session, treasure hunting
(for coupons, character icons) game, and even find trivia on Japanese
folklore spirits and creatures who might have inhabited that area
in another lifetime.

Photo of Atsushi Shionozaki

Atsushi Shionozaki

Koozyt, Inc.

Atsushi Shionozaki received his PhD in Computer Science from Keio University in 1995.
He joined Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL) in Tokyo focusing on Internet protocol research. In 2000, he joined Stanford Networking Research Center as a reseacher in residence representing Sony. After returning to Sony CSL in Tokyo in 2004, he started working on the wireless LAN locationware platform PlaceEngine with other lab members. Since then, he has left Sony CSL to start Koozyt, Inc. to market PlaceEngine business world and spawn off other location based technologies. He is a founding member and
CTO of Koozyt, Inc.

Koshiro Mitsuya

Koozyt, Inc.

Koshiro Mitsuya holds B.S. in Environmental Information, M.S. and Ph.D. in Media and Governance from Keio University, Japan.

His research interests are architectures, protocols, operational techniques and user experience design for mobile computing.