Global Weather Visualization: Utilizing Sensor Networks to Monetize Realtime Data

Location: Salon A-F Level: Novice

This is not your dad’s weather forecast. New weather visualizations are available which give users the ability to see what next year’s weather will be, anywhere in the world. Once the forecast is available, a global array of sensors and stations, from hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface down to the ocean floor, allow us to monitor global the dynamic patterns in real time. We can now start to use these advanced weather simulations to better identify, understand and represent the world in new ways, leading to more efficient disaster prevention, biodiversity monitoring, and resource planning, and property risk management.

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Michael Ferrari

Computer Sciences Corporation

Michael Ferrari directs the Weather Trends research and product development efforts in the global commodities sector. He has several years of research experience which span the theoretical and applied domains of the geophysical and biophysical sciences. Before joining WTI, Michael was a commodity research scientist and trader where he was primarily involved with global climate forecasting, remote sensing analysis and algorithm development, applied technology research, and commodity analysis/modeling. All of these areas come together to support trading platforms in the agriculture and energy arenas. Prior to his commodities work, he was as an engineer for Bayer, Kimberly-Clark, and Black & Veatch.
Michael is currently completing his PhD from Rutgers (post qualifying exam) where his research focuses on physical hydroclimatology and environmental evolution. He earned his BSc in Applied Economics. Michael has published and presented research findings in several areas, including global climate modeling, pattern recognition, biometeorology, environmental metagenomics, and climate economics.

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