Building a Programmable GPS Device with BUG

Location: Salon A-F Level: Novice

Bug is releasing a set of open-source hardware modules. These gadgets can be connected together in any fashion and coded to interact as desired. Two of the first modules were a GPS and an accelerometer. What do you think you would do with access to a fully open device with those capabilities?

Unsurprisingly, their steadily growing developer community has been building location-based apps. A location-based alarm clock. A proximity-based todo list. As more modules are released the usefulness for the geohacking community increases.

Photo of Peter Semmelhack

Peter Semmelhack

Bug Labs

Peter Semmelhack is the founder and CEO of Bug Labs, which develops BUG, an open and modular consumer electronics and web services platform. Previously, Peter was the founder and CTO of Antenna Software, a leading mobile enterprise software vendor. Following a 20 year career in software, Peter founded Bug Labs on the belief that users and communities should have the power to create and share devices in the same way they create and share digital content.

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