Pict'Earth: A NeoGeographical Approach to Aerial Image Acquisition and Processing

Location: Salon A-F Level: Intermediate

Aerial imagery is important to the representation of Earth in maps. Aerial images provide realism to terrain maps by displaying actual visual data for the subject area. In order to be represented in a map environment, the captured images must be orthorectified, stitched together as a seamless mosaic, then published into one of the various mapping systems ( i.e., Google Earth).

Historically, such applications have been limited to a small group of specialists due to the high cost and inaccessibility of tools for rapid publication. The traditional applications for aerial photography have been surveying and engineering, where a very high standard of positional accuracy is essential. The required technology for these applications has been expensive putting it beyond the reach of non-professional applications.

The availability of a new class of low cost imaging devices, global positioning systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and computer software has stimulated new interest in aerial imagery acquisition and delivery. Although these recent technologies do not deliver the level of accuracy of the higher cost solutions, the results are well within the limits required for these new uses.

As a pioneer in this class, Pict’Earth has generated significant interest from Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Fire Control, and Land Management industries. Applications of this technology include monitoring crop development, job-site progress and review, and natural vegetation health. These systems and the resultant data can be used by the broad spectrum of government, scientific, and private GIS users.

In this session, Pict’Earth will describe the technology, applications, and methodology for delivery of this new class of aerial imagery.

Photo of Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Open Solutions Group

Jeffrey Johnson is a web developer with a passion for geospatial applications.

David Riallant


David Riallant is an aerial image processing professional who is passionate about the enabling possibilities of neogeographical methods in this space.

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