Real-time conference sessions

1:30pm–2:20pm Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Brian Aker (HP)
Ever wondered what would happen if you could rethink a decade worth of design changes? Drizzle is a redesign of the MySQL server targeted at web development and cloud infrastructure. Update yourself on the latest features, and use cases for Drizzle7 and what is in store for the near future.
3:10pm–3:30pm Tuesday, 03/29/2011
James Phillips (Membase, Inc.)
Real-time content, offer and ad targeting decisions must happen quickly. This session describes how both AOL Advertising and ShareThis use Hadoop to create user profiles and Membase to access them in real-time, with sub-millisecond latency, leaving the bulk of their processing time budget for improved targeting and customization.
11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Tom Croucher (Uber)
Presentation: external link
JavaScript is the programming language of the web. Its is making a comeback with Node.js a highly concurrent server based on V8, the JavaScript engine from the Chrome browser. This session will explore how Node.js work, and how you can use it to develop with JavaScript that runs on both the client and the server. This session will show how to apply existing JavaScript skills on the server.
2:40pm–3:00pm Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Diann Eisnor (waze)
As the digital world is becoming more and more real-time, the notion of maps as a series of borders is changing--and we're moving toward maps that are created based on what’s happening right now in a given location. Pretty soon, we’ll navigate more based on time than space, which presents radically unique implications for product, UI, monetization and more.
10:05am–10:55am Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Steve Huffman (Hipmunk)
This is a session for developers who are interested in learning about the Tornado framework for Python and event-driven programming in general. We'll talk about the benefits of Tornado and how we use it and other libraries at Hipmunk to write robust software and to ease scaling.
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