Html5 conference sessions

11:10am–12:00pm Wednesday, 03/30/2011
Dion Almaer (Set Direction), Ben Galbraith (Google), Douglas Crockford (Author), Brendan Eich (JavaScript), Alex Russell (Google), Rob Mauceri (Microsoft)
The browser wars are still going strong. New entrants are joining all the time. APIs and plugins are expanding the definition of a browser. Even while the browser is gaining new pawers conflicting standards and conventions are causing headaches for developers. This panel will let you address the browser groups directly.
1:00pm–4:00pm Monday, 03/28/2011
Jonathan Stark (Jonathan Stark Consulting)
This workshop is for web designers and developers who are interested in creating cross platform mobile apps. A basic familiarity with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be very helpful but is not required.
11:00am–11:50am Thursday, 03/31/2011
Duane Nickull (Adobe Systems)
Trying to understand which standards will be used and which are optimized for various types of tasks is difficult. This session breaks through the FUD in the industry to make a very pragmatic analysis of what the future may hold, when it might be best to use HTML5 features over Flash (and vice verse) and how JavaScript factors in. This session is not a "vs." and focuses on likely outcomes.
1:15pm–2:05pm Wednesday, 03/30/2011
Steve Souders (SpeedCurve)
Tackling mobile performance is a bigger challenge than desktop - more operating systems, greater browser disparity, and limitations of the device. In this session Steve Souders shows how to analyze mobile performance across all the popular devices. He demonstrates analysis tools, services for accessing devices remotely, and quirks he's discovered that show mobile performance is full of surprises.
9:00am–9:50am Wednesday, 03/30/2011
Paul Tarjan (Facebook)
Facebook launched the Open Graph Protocol nearly 1 year ago to power the Like button. Join the lead developer, Paul Tarjan, for a discussion about the design decisions, tips and tricks, and where the future of the Open Graph Protocol is headed.
10:05am–10:55am Wednesday, 03/30/2011
Nicole Sullivan (Stubbornella)
Your website has out-of-control CSS bloat. You know your performance is being impacted, but how do you move from organic CSS with no particular architecture to something lighter, more logical, and easier to maintain? In this session, Nicole Sullivan will show you how she improved the CSS at Facebook and Yahoo! Search.
2:05pm–2:55pm Thursday, 03/31/2011
HTML5 is the future of web video. It's required to play video on many mobile devices including the iPhone, and with the release of Internet Explorer 9 coming this year, it will be supported by the majority of web users. This session will be an introduction to getting HTML5 video running on your own site.
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