Analytics conference sessions

9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Cindy Alvarez (Yammer)
You know metrics are important. But running a data-driven company can feel like a black-box exercise. Are you measuring the same things that your competitors and peer companies are? How do your numbers stack up? Cindy Alvarez will share benchmark data and insights drawn from looking at anonymized data across the KISSmetrics customer base.
2:40pm–3:00pm Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Artur Bergman (Fastly)
Track page speed, ad inventory, browser width/height and errors? All that is possible by realizing that Google Analytics lets you feed in arbitrary data and then allowing you to slice it to get new insights.
1:15pm–2:05pm Wednesday, 03/30/2011
Josh Elman (Twitter)
Getting the word out and attracting new visitors to your site or app is only the first step. How do you turn those visitors into active and committed users of your service? Hear about how we think about user growth at Twitter and learn some tools and techniques to help find the best ways to get users engaged with your service every day.
11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 03/29/2011
Margaret Francis (Exact Target/ CoTweet)
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New media has made new ways of measurement possible, but many companies are using legacy metrics such as impressions and clicks to understand the social web. Join Margaret Francis, VP of Products, Scout Labs for a conversation about how brands approach the challenges of social media measurement in a fluid, real-time world.
10:05am–10:55am Wednesday, 03/30/2011
Sandra Fathi (Affect Strategies)
Although most businesses recognize the value of engaging in social media, they struggle to justify marketing spend on these platforms in terms that resonate with executive management. In this session, Sandra Fathi will discuss the tools and metrics brand marketers can use to measure and track the success of your online campaigns.
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