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Ten years ago, companies like AOL, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Earthlink, and eBay battled to define the ways we would use the Web. The winners drew millions of customers, but more importantly, they spawned ecosystems that created huge opportunities for partners, vendors and competitors. Today, new wars with new players like Facebook, Twitter, and Bing are emerging on the Web—wars that create hard questions for businesses that must decide their own roles in our increasingly mobile, social, and real-time world. Web 2.0 Expo highlights the important debates, handicaps the key players, and helps you pick the winning platforms for growth in a web-fueled world. Learn more about Web 2.0 Expo

Scavenger Hunt (sponsored by Microsoft)

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Paparazzi 2.0

If you have a camera (or one on your phone) and are able to post photos onto your Twitter account, you have a chance to win $50 a day. Our Photo Hunt Contest tasks you with snapping pics of yourself with your fellow Web 2.0 Expo attendees in a variety of situations. It’s the perfect excuse to meet-and-greet! Get all the details.

Topics Covered at Web 2.0 Expo

Web 2.0 Expo will have 75+ sessions, workshops, and intensives for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, business strategists, and investors, covering 10 topic areas:


Silverlight Showcase
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • .CO
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Ericsson
  • Germany Trade & Invest
  • IBM
  • Berlin Partner
  • blueKiwi
  • EffectiveUI
  • HP
  • Neustar, Inc.
  • OpenSRS
  • OpenText
  • PayPal
  • Pearltrees
  • The Planet

Rob Koziura
(415) 947-6111

Kaitlin Pike
(415) 947-6306

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