Startups conference sessions

2:50pm–3:10pm Wednesday, 10/12/2011
Andre Charland (Nitobi Inc.)
Are you searching for the most effortless, economical way to add mobile to your mix? Learn why building mobile apps using open standards, like HTML5, and open source can produce better apps at a lower cost than native development.
3:20pm–3:40pm Wednesday, 10/12/2011
Adam Goldstein (Hipmunk)
Starting a company often involves a few critical "first deals" that determine whether the company will be able to launch and sustain itself. This talk will tell the story of Hipmunk, a search site that broke into the notoriously difficult travel industry, from the perspective of the co-founder who got the initial deals that allowed Hipmunk to take off.
3:20pm–3:40pm Tuesday, 10/11/2011
What makes a great engineering culture and what practical steps can a leader take to build a great one? In this talk, you'll hear about the tragedies and triumphs of the cultural journey at Etsy, and what we learned along the way.
2:50pm–3:10pm Wednesday, 10/12/2011
Kate Huyett (HowAboutWe)
An intimate discussion of how new companies can tackle the most critical question of every consumer-facing app: How do we acquire users? The conversation will include a case study of what's worked and what hasn't for, including marketing, paid acquisition, press coverage, social media & more.
2:20pm–3:10pm Thursday, 10/13/2011
Sixty-five engineers at Etsy deploy code more than 30 times a day with continuous deployment. Learn about the tools we've put in place to monitor our infrastructure and application health throughout the day, and how this is a shared effort between our engineering and operations team effort.
3:20pm–3:40pm Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Seth Pinsky (NYCEDC)
Seth Pinsky, President of New York City Economic Development Corporation - the City’s major engine for economic growth - will describe the rapid changes taking place in New York City’s startup scene and how the City is creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, transforming the City's economy in an increasingly competitive world.
10:20am–11:10am Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Nick Grossman (Union Square Ventures)
So much of the culture of the web stands in stark contrast to our notions of what it’s like to work with the government, but a lot is quietly changing, and there’s increasingly an opportunity for web 2.0 teams to make a real impact on the $166B government technology market. There's money to be made, but glory as well, as this largest of our public institutions is in desperate need of disruption.
2:50pm–3:10pm Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Andres Glusman (Meetup)
Learn how to apply Lean Startup / Customer Development beyond 2 guys in a garage. Andres Glusman, Meetup’s VP of Strategy and Community, will share how Meetup executes customer development at scale. He'll discuss quantitative and qualitative methods Meetup uses for customer discovery and validation (including Meetup’s in-house usability lab which will have conducted 600+ sessions each year).
9:00am–12:00pm Monday, 10/10/2011
Trevor Burnham (HubSpot)
This workshop will focus on using CoffeeScript on the server side with Node.js and the Express framework. We'll build a full-fledged backend, complete with MongoDB persistence and unit tests. On the front-end, we'll use Backbone.js and HTML5's local storage to handle data monitoring and syncing.
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  • Microsoft Corporation
  • dynaTrace
  • EffectiveUI
  • Elastic Path
  • FireHost
  • IBT
  • Litle & CO
  • Plimus
  • Quest Software
  • Research In Motion
  • SoftLayer
  • Yottaa

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