Mobile conference sessions

1:15pm–2:05pm Thursday, 10/13/2011
Pete LePage (Google)
We'll share the strengths and extents of HTML5, showing magnificent demos of bleeding-edge features. Digging into high-fidelity graphics, performance, and system integration, we’ll break each demo down on the big screen to show how it was constructed. Then we’ll show you how to use HTML5 to its full potential in your own projects.
2:50pm–3:10pm Wednesday, 10/12/2011
Andre Charland (Nitobi Inc.)
Are you searching for the most effortless, economical way to add mobile to your mix? Learn why building mobile apps using open standards, like HTML5, and open source can produce better apps at a lower cost than native development.
10:20am–11:10am Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Josh Clark (Big Medium)
Find out why our beloved desktop windows, buttons, and widgets are weak replacements for manipulating content directly, and learn practical principles for designing mobile interfaces that are both more fun and more intuitive. Along the way, discover why buttons are a hack, how to develop your gesture vocabulary, and why toys and toddlers provide eye-opening lessons in this new style of design.
9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Denise Jacobs (PapillonEffect Consulting)
CSS3 isn't the future, it's the present, and is ripe for the pickin' and is ready to respond to display your sites in multiple devices right now. We'll take a look at CSS3 properties from colors, web fonts, and visual effects, to transitions, animations and media queries.
9:00am–12:00pm Monday, 10/10/2011
Henrik Olsen (Hot Studio Inc.,)
If you’re ready to jump into designing for tablets, this will be a great two-part workshop for you. Given the mass adoption of tablet devices over this past year,this workshop has been created to present the fundamentals of designing tablet applications as well as tablet optimized web sites. Learn from a leader in adopting classic design principles to the rapidly evolving world of tablets.
9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Scott Smith (Time, Inc.)
This session will cover the ins and outs of tablet application development from a non-developer’s perspective, based on the experience of launching a suite of applications across a range of tablets.
11:15am–11:35am Thursday, 10/13/2011
lisa sullivan-cross (
Learn how to quickly grow your mobile base and increase your revenue Share our success: What we found when growing from 0- 30 million installs, across the 4 major platforms, in just over 1 year Leverage the data: Product dev and marketing advice on tailoring apps for each platform based on usage data Bring in the revenue: Key tactics to get the most return from your mobile channel
11:25am–12:15pm Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Tantek Çelik (
Presentation: external link
HTML5 has captured the minds & hearts of web developers with impressive demos in cutting edge browsers. But what can you actually depend on this month? And is anything dependable in a “living specification”?
1:00pm–4:00pm Monday, 10/10/2011
Learn how web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are enabling a new genre of beautiful, powerful, cross-platform mobile applications.
1:30pm–2:20pm Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Luke Wroblewski (LukeW Ideation & Design)
In this presentation, Luke Wroblewski will dig into the three key reasons to consider mobile first: mobile is seeing explosive growth; mobile forces you to focus; and mobile extends your capabilities.
11:15am–11:35am Thursday, 10/13/2011
J Chris Anderson (Couchbase)
Apache CouchDB's replication and sync capabilities make it ideal as a datastore on mobile devices, but porting CouchDB on mobile came with its own set of unique challenges. Learn some of the unexpected changes you will make to your software you move your project onto mobile devices.
10:20am–11:10am Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Zach Brand (NPR, Digital media)
Good architecture of systems and flexibility of content has also allowed NPR to have the freedom and agility to quickly deploy solid user experience and elegant design to multiple platforms. This presentation will cover how NPR improved the code inside its API to be more efficient, while meeting new and evolving product needs.
10:20am–11:10am Tuesday, 10/11/2011
Adrian Parker (RadioShack ), Eric Friedman (Foursquare)
The future of retail lies in a brand’s ability to evolve with technology. Enjoy an interactive session--with lessons learned on what works and what doesn't--as a 90-year-old retailer and a hip tech platform come together to power real-time shopping.
  • Visa
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • dynaTrace
  • EffectiveUI
  • Elastic Path
  • FireHost
  • IBT
  • Litle & CO
  • Plimus
  • Quest Software
  • Research In Motion
  • SoftLayer
  • Yottaa

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