Data conference sessions

11:45am–12:05pm Thursday, 10/13/2011
Sumit Amar (Visa)
This idea is about using captured user interactions to build predictions for the web form entry points considering their current edits as the evidence points.
2:50pm–3:10pm Tuesday, 10/11/2011
DJ Patil (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy)
It’s well know that the ability to leverage data has reached a new level of critical importance in organizations to improve decision making. Now, with commodity technologies, it is possible to cheaply create data products that can have a massive impact on the business. In this talk I’ll walk though the product philosophy I’ve found works best to rapidly test and deploy data products.
Artur Bergman (Fastly)
Track page speed, ad inventory, browser width/height and errors? All that is possible by realizing that Google Analytics lets you feed in arbitrary data and then allowing you to slice it to get new insights.
9:00am–12:00pm Monday, 10/10/2011
Hannah Donovan (Independent)
If you want to add stats, graphs and other bits of lifestream data to your web app, this workshop is for you. Leave with an understanding of how to wrestle with interaction design challenges such as: dealing with too much/too little user-generated data; what to show different user types (e.g. logged in/out users); when to show aggregate vs. individual datasets and more.
  • Visa
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • dynaTrace
  • EffectiveUI
  • Elastic Path
  • FireHost
  • IBT
  • Litle & CO
  • Plimus
  • Quest Software
  • Research In Motion
  • SoftLayer
  • Yottaa

Ally Parker

Kaitlin Pike
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