Startups conference sessions

11:10am–12:00pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Ranjith Kumaran (YouSendIt, Inc.)
Freemium has become one of the hottest business models among start-ups, and its providers are searching for the best way to measure and optimize business performance. As founder of YouSendIt, a pioneer in Freemium offerings, Ranjith Kumaran will describe tools to measure Freemium performance using a dashboard to measure key metrics.
1:30pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Derek Smith (SimpleGeo)
Having a compass and camera built into smart phones opens up possibilities for augmented reality (AR). Programmers now know more than just location; by also knowing which direction the phone is facing, you can overlay objects on users’ view of the world. This session will look at AR development on the iPhone and Android platforms.
11:35am–11:55am Thursday, 09/30/2010
Aaron Levie (
Today's technology decisions are now being driven by users, not management. Web-savvy workers are going around cumbersome platforms, deploying free online tools to connect and collaborate, and spreading them in the process. We'll give you six reasons why you'd be crazy not give your software out for free, ranging from the power of user evangelism to incentive to make a better product.
9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Jennifer 8. Lee (Knight News Challenge), Jenna Wortham (New York Times), Spencer Ante (The Wall Street Journal)
How do some products become media darlings? FourSquare, Kickstarter, even Twitter in its early days. This helps brings credibility with funders. Reporters from the NYTimes, etc. will talk about how they choose what to write about, giving you insight on how the media ecosystem works.
2:05pm–2:55pm Thursday, 09/30/2010
Andres Glusman (Meetup), Anna DeYoung (Meetup)
Andres Glusman VP Strategy & Community at Meetup will share how Meetup built it's own in-house lab and how anyone can do it too. He'll share lessons learned and principles for doing effective usability testing in-house at a super low cost.
2:35pm–2:55pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
David Steinberger (comiXology)
For nearly a decade, the rallying cry of tech conferences has been “the death of ________” (music, books, etc). Because the technology industry thrives on disruption, all too often we overlook the power of cooperative solutions. This discussion will focus on how tech startups can succeed by providing technology that works with existing methods to grow a market, not destroy it.
3:10pm–3:30pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Brett Durrett (IMVU, Inc.)
Continuous Deployment takes continuous integration one step further, where every commit goes live to production servers. When this process is described it is frequently met with skepticism around site reliability and the ability to scale a business this way, but at IMVU it works, it scales (with challenges) and it is embraced by the entire organization.
10:05am–10:55am Tuesday, 09/28/2010
David Binetti (Votizen)
The ultimate expression of the "lean startup" approach is the pivot: a shift in business model grounded in market learning. David Binetti, co-founder and CEO of Votizen, will put a practical, real-world face on the concept of the lean startup. Using actual data and metrics, this session will describe why, how, and -- most important -- when to pivot.
3:10pm–4:00pm Thursday, 09/30/2010
Moderated by:
Havi Hoffman (Mozilla )
Akiva Bamberger (Columbia University), Chad Dickerson (Etsy), Tarikh Korula (Uncommon Projects), Meghan Gill (10gen)
A moderated conversation with 4 or 5 technology innovators who are familiar with hack days, either as organizers/facilitators or as hack day participants/winners. The goal of the session is to introduce the basic principles and benefits of internal and external hack days to developers and decision-makers, as a means of inspiring creativity, collaboration, and cross-pollination of ideas.
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