Mobile conference sessions

11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Kevin Weil (Twitter, Inc.)
In this talk we'll discuss tools like Hadoop and Pig that let you do large-scale data crunching in parallel. We will focus on platform-specific examples, as well as best practices gleaned from working with Twitter data over the last 12 months.
1:00pm–1:50pm Thursday, 09/30/2010
Azeem Ansar (Flurry), Maggie Taylor (Skyhook), Gregor Hochmuth (Google, Inc. )
App stores provide a new revenue model for developers. Speakers from Skyhook and Flurry will share their research into Apple App Store and Android Marketplace trends with raw numbers and analysis. The session will end with Google's thoughts on its Chrome Webstore.
1:00pm–4:00pm Monday, 09/27/2010
Jonathan Stark (Jonathan Stark Consulting)
This workshop is for web designers and developers who are interested in creating cross platform mobile apps. A basic familiarity with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be very helpful but is not required.
1:30pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Derek Smith (SimpleGeo)
Having a compass and camera built into smart phones opens up possibilities for augmented reality (AR). Programmers now know more than just location; by also knowing which direction the phone is facing, you can overlay objects on users’ view of the world. This session will look at AR development on the iPhone and Android platforms.
1:30pm–2:20pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Tim Grace (, Nick Fotis (
The mobile product leaders from and share strategies, successes (and failures!), and lessons learned in creating and monetizing mobile products. Whether it's developing a category-leading iPhone app or selling custom SMS/mobile web products to property managers, these experiences span both B2C and B2B models and aim to be relevant to organizations of any scale.
9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 09/28/2010
David Kaneda (Sencha)
Mobile application developers are facing a major challenge as mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, gain popularity as the platform of choice for enterprise users and consumers. This session will focus on how the latest web standards can be used to develop rich internet applications that deliver a native-like user experience across mobile platforms and browsers.
11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Eric Meyer (Complex Spiral Consulting)
It's become somewhat fashionable of late to refer to HTML5 and the web stack as a "Flash killer". The Flash/Flex community, understandably, has not suffered this kind of talk quietly. The ongoing absence of Flash from Apple's wildly popular portable devices has only fueled the fire. Openness, stability, ubiquity, consistency, and security are all thrown around like the discs of Tron.
11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Zach Brand (NPR, Digital media)
Good architecture of systems and flexibility of content has also allowed NPR to have the freedom and agility to quickly deploy solid user experience and elegant design to multiple platforms. This presentation will cover lessons learned in expanding functionality of its' API, deploying new features to its' website, mobile apps, the day one launch of NPR's iPad app and HTML5 website.
3:10pm–3:30pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Albert Shum (Microsoft), Paula Guntaur (Microsoft)
How should UI designers bring to life their ideas for mobile experiences? Should we think in terms of standalone apps on a platform or also for web flexibility? How do you integrate the user’s experience to flow seamlessly between Apps and the Web? This session will run through the design thinking and process, and show the tools to take your apps to the next level of web integration.
3:10pm–3:30pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Jonathan Stark (Jonathan Stark Consulting)
Do you think supporting IE6 is a pain? Multiply that discomfort by a hundred and you have the mobile web. In this session, web designers and developers will gain the tools and information they need to define a sustainable mobile strategy. Join Jonathan for a discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly of today's mobile browser environment.
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