Enterprise and established business conference sessions

2:35pm–2:55pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
John Stepper (Deutsche Bank)
How do you get a highly-regulated company - one of the world's largest and most competitive banks - to collaborate using social media? This talk provides a compelling set of lessons for morphing a conservative, hierarchical organization into one that's agile and embraces community-driven change.
9:00am–9:50am Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Marc Engelsman (Digital Brand Expressions), Emily Smith (Digital Brand Expressions)
Social media is a tool that can be utilized by nearly every area of a business - HR to Sales, right down to individual employees. Learn how smart companies are implementing guidelines and policies that govern the use of social media enterprise-wide to ensure consistency, clarity and reduced risk of costly mistakes in this public arena.
9:00am–9:50am Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Sam Ramji (Cloud Foundry Foundation)
Web 2.0 is changing as applications, not browsers, become the primary web and mobile interface. APIs are the indirect channels enabling participation in the new app economy, letting companies open up to new revenue streams, partnerships, and developer use. We’ll discuss how to create a business model around open APIs, applying lessons from leaders including Sears, Alcatel-Lucent and MTV Networks.
11:00am–11:20am Thursday, 09/30/2010
Frank McGillin (Philips)
Many brands struggle to integrate social media into the overall marketing mix, especially in the B2B space. Hear from a Global Brand about how to build meaningful, long-term relationships, which have the potential to develop into powerful and emotional connections with customers. You will walk away from this session with practical information to help you execute your online community efforts.
10:05am–10:55am Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Moderated by:
Khris Loux (Echo)
Paul Berry (HuffingtonPost), Dermot Waters (CNN), Katharine Zaleski (Washington Post)
This session will reveal how mainstream media will be saved using real-time platforms to re-invent the way we listen to, engage with, and share stories.
9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Josh Bernoff (Forrester Research), Ted Schadler (Forrester Research)
Customers now have limitless technology power – mobile, social, video, and cloud. Can your organization handle this? Only 20% of information workers have the tools to reach out to empowered customers. Get a blueprint for how management, IT and empowered employees can innovate to meet the customer challenge. Based on case studies from the new book "Empowered," follow-on to "Groundswell."
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