Cloud conference sessions

11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Kevin Weil (Twitter, Inc.)
In this talk we'll discuss tools like Hadoop and Pig that let you do large-scale data crunching in parallel. We will focus on platform-specific examples, as well as best practices gleaned from working with Twitter data over the last 12 months.
2:05pm–2:55pm Thursday, 09/30/2010
Emma Persky (Trampoline Systems)
Users are demanding more contextual information for the data and content they consume on the web, and information silos are no longer acceptable, but how do you expose your users to the right information amongst the background noise? In this talk I will explore some of the mathematical techniques you can easily implement to analyse your content and provide that much needed context automatically.
9:00am–9:50am Tuesday, 09/28/2010
David Kaneda (Sencha)
Mobile application developers are facing a major challenge as mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, gain popularity as the platform of choice for enterprise users and consumers. This session will focus on how the latest web standards can be used to develop rich internet applications that deliver a native-like user experience across mobile platforms and browsers.
11:10am–12:00pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Eben Hewitt (Sabre)
How are popular Web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and Mahalo—handling huge traffic volumes? Part of the answer is NoSQL (Not Only SQL), using non-relational databases like Apache Cassandra. Learn about existing options for this emerging technology, and find out how you can start using NoSQL today to support your growing Web 2.0 application.
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