Analytics conference sessions

11:10am–12:00pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Ranjith Kumaran (YouSendIt, Inc.)
Freemium has become one of the hottest business models among start-ups, and its providers are searching for the best way to measure and optimize business performance. As founder of YouSendIt, a pioneer in Freemium offerings, Ranjith Kumaran will describe tools to measure Freemium performance using a dashboard to measure key metrics.
11:10am–12:00pm Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Kevin Weil (Twitter, Inc.)
In this talk we'll discuss tools like Hadoop and Pig that let you do large-scale data crunching in parallel. We will focus on platform-specific examples, as well as best practices gleaned from working with Twitter data over the last 12 months.
9:00am–9:50am Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Jesper Andersen (Bloom Studios)
Traditional statistical approaches assume a single objective result and an authoritative data set exist. These assumptions lead to static and generic analytics. Learn how to take advantage of diverse data using statistics techniques that allow you to aggregate simple models using disparate data and carefully blend the result to better model subjective behaviors like recommendations and pricing.

11:10am–12:00pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Laura Klein (Users Know)
So, you want to make your product into something that people will love. How do you figure out what your users are doing and what to build next? Do you A/B test? Conduct user interviews? Run a survey? Brainstorm at a whiteboard? Come learn how to combine all these methods and more into a streamlined process for understanding what your users really want and delivering a product they will adore.
2:05pm–2:55pm Thursday, 09/30/2010
Emma Persky (Trampoline Systems)
Users are demanding more contextual information for the data and content they consume on the web, and information silos are no longer acceptable, but how do you expose your users to the right information amongst the background noise? In this talk I will explore some of the mathematical techniques you can easily implement to analyse your content and provide that much needed context automatically.
11:35am–11:55am Thursday, 09/30/2010
Neil Wehrle (betaworks)
Presentation: external link
Understanding what's happening on your site in real-time requires more than just simple visit totals. Chartbeat is a tool designed to give front-line responders in organizations the actionable analytics they need to respond to what's happening on their site.
2:05pm–2:55pm Thursday, 09/30/2010
Andres Glusman (Meetup), Anna DeYoung (Meetup)
Andres Glusman VP Strategy & Community at Meetup will share how Meetup built it's own in-house lab and how anyone can do it too. He'll share lessons learned and principles for doing effective usability testing in-house at a super low cost.
11:00am–11:20am Thursday, 09/30/2010
Will Aldrich (TripIt)
Learn how to build a faster onboarding process that converts better, without cumbersome email verification. See how oAuth helps you build mobile apps and integrate with partners to create exponential growth for your business. Explore the future of open standards and data strategies that empower users by letting them take their information with them, whenever and wherever they need it.
2:35pm–2:55pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Matt Riley (Scribd)
The Facebook Platform allows startups and big businesses to build rich social experiences for their users. If done correctly, this platform can increase engagement across the board. However, many sites miss out on this huge opportunity by simply integrating the Facebook Connect button and calling it a day.
10:05am–10:55am Tuesday, 09/28/2010
Tami Dalley (ROI Labs)
It's a problem faced by data-swamped marketers everywhere: With so many analytics reports, where are you supposed to look? And how do you make your reports meaningful? Through a series of mini-case studies, we’ll explore how to customize specific search analytics reports for maximum insight. You have the data – we’ll show you how to tell the story.
3:10pm–3:30pm Wednesday, 09/29/2010
Drew Curtis (, Inc)
Everyone knows the online media industry is having money problems. It's the fault of an attempt to apply an old media advertising schema to new media world. Drew Curtis will offer an entertaining look at how things in the advertising business used to work, why they don't work now, and how to fix it.
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