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Presentations: Finance

Payment technology and the financial space have been revolutionized by Web 2.0. This track looks at the forces driving these changes and web 2.0 trends as they affect finance. We’ll discuss the impact of the growth of micro-payment systems, UGC and finance, new forms of currency (including virtual currencies), the promises and pitfalls of wikis, blogs, and other participatory technologies and communities, and the regulatory issues associated with Web 2.0 in financial institutions.

What are the measures being taken to turn venture investment into an efficient and transparent market?
Consumers are bringing their lives online with Web 2.0 technologies, such as social networking, blogging, and sharing and watching video and photos online –- not to mention their finance. Who are the early adopters? What are their demographics and how do these heavy users differ from those who use them rarely or not at all? comScore gives insight to improve marketing and service offerings.
Presentation: external link
Currency has changed from the days when gold coins were traded and is now going through another radical shift with the move to digital. This presentation will look at how money has already become more digital, how Web 2.0 is starting to affect currency, and what may be coming next.
How technology will continue to fundamentally change the Financial Services industry.