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New speakers are being confirmed daily. Please check back often to see the latest additions to the Web 2.0 Expo Europe program.

Ren Ando
Ren Ando (Cirius Technologies, Inc.)

Ren joined Cirius Technologies in 2007 and leads the company’s product development / engineering efforts on advertising platform. As a Director of Product Development, he is responsible for Cirius’s product strategy, roadmap and manages all the ad server engineering organization. He also drives business development from the product development side.

Prior to joining Cirius Technologies, Ren was at Microsoft Corporation as a Product Planner for online services and consumer software. From 1996 to 2001, Ren worked for NTT-East in Tokyo and its subsidiaries as a Service Architect for “goo”, one of the top web portals in the Japanese market.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Tokyo University.

Timo Arnall
Timo Arnall (Oslo School of Architecture & Design), @timoarnall

Timo Arnall leads an international research project on the design of emerging technologies at the Interaction Design department of the Oslo School of Architecture & Design. Timo works with interactive products and media, most recently focusing on RFID technology and mobile applications. Timo also lectures in design, ubiquitous computing and design methodology

Drew Bartkiewicz

Drew Bartkiewicz, Vice President of Cyber and Technology Risk, The Hartford

18 years in the Hi Tech and Insurance sector with companies such as BroadVision, Salesforce.com, SAP, and United Technologies

Drew has written and lectured extensively on Internet and technology business trends over the past decade. He was a participating author in the Brookings Institution book on technology and economics, Unseen Wealth (published in 2001). He is currently a member the American National Standards Institute’s Committee on Assessing Technology and Privacy Risks within the US Economy and has also worked extensively with Europe’s OECD.

While in the technology sector Drew worked extensively with the following organizations’ technology initiatives: GE Capital, Home Depot, UBS, Barclays, Walmart, Bank of America, Highmark Blue Cross, Telecom... Read More.

Jeff Bates (SourceForge, Inc)

Jeff Bates brings many years of strategic management and editorial leadership to SourceForge. As Vice President of Editorial Operations and Executive Editor of Slashdot, Bates is responsible for driving new site and product development, and, manages strategic story editing and placement for the leading tech news site, Slashdot. While at Slashdot, Bates has been responsible for several industry awards including a Webby People’s Voice Award for Community, as well as Yahoo!’s “Top 100” Best of the Internet Award. Slashdot has also been cited by The Washington Post, TIME, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Fortune, Business Week, and Forbes as one of the most innovative and important sites for the technical community.

Markus Beckedahl (Creative Commons Germany / newthinking communications GmbH )

Markus Beckedahl is an entrepreneur, blogger, and activist for digital freedoms. Five years ago he co-founded newthinking communications, an agency for open source strategies. He organizes the re:publica conference in Berlin and maintains the blog netzpolitik.org. He is Public Project Lead for Creative Commons Germany

Artur Bergman

Artur Bergman is the Founder and CEO of Fastly.

Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd (Microsyntax.org)

I am best known these days for my writing (and the thinking behind it, I hope) at /Message, hence the /Messengers. I am obsessed with social tools, and their impact on business, media, and society. I coined the term “social tools” in 1999, the same year I started blogging, and I haven’t looked back since. Writing and working with clients takes most of my time, but I also speak at various events, such as Reboot, Lift, Shift, Mesh, Enterprise 2.0, Office 2.0, Under The Radar, Next08, and Web 2.0 Expo, to name only a few.

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant (Headshift)

I am a co-founder and Director of Headshift, a 30-person enterprise social computing consultancy that has pioneered the deployment of social tools inside the firewall. We do equal amounts of strategy consulting, integration and development and also engagement work.

Headshift works with top 10 global law firms, professional services firms and large corporations. In the media sector, we work with well known newspapers and organisations such as the BBC and Channel 4. We are also known for innovative work in our health, education and public sector practices.

I have an enduring passion for the empowering potential of the internet, and am committed to using this to humanise business practice. I am a board member of Involve, a UK charity set up to explore new... Read More.

Mike Butcher (TechCrunch)

TechCrunch UK & Ireland is edited by Mike Butcher, a former editor of New Media Age magazine, and The Industry Standard Europe. He has written for UK national newspapers including the The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times and magazines including The New Statesman. He has launched or relanched several media web sites and in 2004 he was voted ‘One of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade’ by GfK NOP, the fourth-largest custom research business in the world. He has appeared on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 and Bloomberg, commenting on technology and new media.

Andre Charland
Andre Charland (Nitobi Inc.)

Andre Charland is the co-founder and CEO at Nitobi Inc. He’s been involved in Internet software development for almost a decade. As an advocate for usability and user experience, he speaks regularly on Ajax and web usability. Most recently Andre presented at MAX, the Adobe AIR Bus Tour, and AjaxWorld. Andre is the co-author of “Enterprise Ajax”, published by Prentice Hall this summer, and maintains his own blog at http://blogs.nitobi.com/andre.

Suw Charman-Anderson

Suw Charman-Anderson is a leading social software expert, specialising in the use of blogs and wikis in business. She works with companies around the world, from sectors as diverse as technology, finance and public relations, to help them understand how social software can be used both behind the firewall and for customer communications.

After a short stint working as a freelance music journalist in the late 90s, Suw became a freelance web designer and project manager. In 2002, she launched her own internet start-up which she ran for two years.

She started her first blog, Chocolate and Vodka, in 2001, and began working as a social media consultant four years ago. She recently co-founded Fruitful Seminars & Events, covering Web 2.0 subjects,... Read More.

Toby Coppel (Yahoo! Europe and Canada)

Toby Coppel joined Yahoo! in May 2001 and currently serves as the Managing Director of Yahoo! Europe and Canada with responsibility for Yahoo!‘s operations in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and Canada. From May 2001 until June 2007, Coppel served as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Corporate Development, responsible for global strategy development and execution including mergers, acquisitions, investments, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Prior to joining Yahoo!, Coppel was managing director of Windsor Digital, an investment company founded by Yahoo!’s former chairman Terry Semel. Before joining Windsor, Coppel was vice president at Allen & Company, an investment bank, focusing on media, entertainment and the Internet. He began his career with Goldman Sachs International in London as a financial analyst... Read More.

Solana Crawford
Solana Crawford (DESIGN about TOWN)

Solana Crawford founded DESIGN about TOWN in 2005 and now serves as Chief Design Officer. She has over 13 years of experience in the print design and advertising fields and over 8 years in the web design and interactive arena. Solana has taught Graphic Design at “Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales” in Buenos Aires (one of Fast Company’s top 15 “Fastest Cities” in 2007) and currently reviews students portfolios as well as serves as a Judge for design and web award giving associations. Solana is also on the Board of Directors for Paco Gomes and Dancers (www.pacogomesdance.com ).

With DESIGN about TOWN Solana has put together an amazing team of professionals who
excel at design, programming, copy writing and... Read More.

Olivier Creiche
Olivier Creiche (Six Apart)

As the General Manager of EMEA, Olivier Creiche is responsible for business operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Olivier gained rich experience in sales and marketing at Danone, Pepsico, BBDO and DDB. He co-founded two companies, one of which was Ublog, a French blogging service acquired by Six Apart in 2004. Olivier joined Six Apart as the Business Development Manager for EMEA in 2004 and stepped up as General Manager in March 2007. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of South Dakota and is a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

Robin Daniels
Robin Daniels (Salesforce.com)

Robin joined salesforce.com in October 2007 as a senior manager in product marketing.

Having worked in the tech industry for 10 years for companies such as Veritas and Vignette, Robin has extensive knowledge in the areas of enterprise software, internet technologies, and marketing innovation.

Most recently, Robin worked at Vignette as a senior product marketing manager where his job responsibilities included messaging and positioning, interaction with customers, press and analysts, and sales and management training.

Prior to this, Robin was a senior product marketing manager at Portwise, a leading security company based in Sweden. Before Portwise, Robin spent nearly five years in California, USA, working for Veritas as product marketing manager.

Robin graduated with an international business baccalaureate from Copenhagen Business College.

Lloyd Davis (Tuttle Club), @lloyddavis

Lloyd Davis is a social artist and master community builder. He has been blogging and podcasting since 2004. With a diverse background that includes theatre, information management and public service regulation he has acquired a unique, in-depth and practical understanding of the social web and building rich relationships online and off-. Having founded London’s highly influential Tuttle Club which regularly attracts the UK’s brightest social media thinkers and doers, Lloyd speaks, writes and consults about these uses of social technology and is currently Social Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Founder of Good Night Lamp / Designswarm Founder)

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is an interaction designer & entrepreneur. She is the founder of Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps.
She also leads Designswarm an “internet of things” design studio & consultancy and works with clients who want to design next generation connected products. She also uses her expertise to help shape early business ideas around smart products. Her work has been exhibited at The Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
From 2007 to 2010, she co-founded and ran Tinker London, a smart product design studio. Focused on creating connected product experiences that linked the digital to the physical, Tinker was the first distributor of the Arduino platform in the UK, ran... Read More.

Nate Elliott is a market researcher and industry analyst. He currently serves as a Principal Analyst for Forrester based in Vancouver. Nate writes research targeted to Interactive Marketing professionals, and his personal research agenda is primarily focused on online video advertising and social marketing.

Nate is regularly called upon by his clients and the media to provide analysis and insight into digital marketing and media, offering them examples of real-world best practices and giving them actionable advice on how to get the most from their online advertising. He is a widely-read columnist, a frequent speaker at industry events around the world, and writes a popular blog on digital marketing.

Nate brings more than a decade of experience in online marketing and media to his work,... Read More.

Bruno  Figueiredo
Bruno Figueiredo (Ideias & Imagens, Lda.)

Bruno Figueiredo is a Senior User Experience Designer, working within its two consultancies, one in London and one in Lisbon. He is the current president of the Portuguese Usability Professionals Association and the Local Ambassador in Lisbon for the User Experience Network. He is one of the founders of both the Lisbon and London groups and he also coordinates the Practice Guide workgroup within the Interaction Design Association. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has published a series of articles and a book on the subject. He is also one of the organizers of the SHiFT international tech conference in Lisbon.

Brian Fling
Brian Fling (Fling Media)

Brian Fling has been a leader in the field of mobile experience for over five years. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to help design and develop their mobile experiences. Brian is a frequent speaker and author on the issues on mobile design, the mobile web and mobile user experience. He authored the dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide (dev.mobi), the first free publication to cover mobile web design and development from start to finish. Brian also runs one of the largest online communities focused on mobile design (mobiledesign.org).

Brady Forrest
Brady Forrest (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @brady
Brady Forrest is Program Chair for O’Reilly’s Where and co-chair for Android Open . Additionally, he co-chaired the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and NYC. Brady writes for O’Reilly Radar tracking changes in technology. He previously worked at Microsoft on Live Search (he came to Microsoft when it acquired MongoMusic). Brady lives in Seattle, where he builds cars for Burning Man and runs Ignite. You can track his web travels at Truffle Honey.
Lukasz Gadowski
Lukasz Gadowski (Team Europe Ventures Ltd.)

In 2002 Lukasz Gadowski founded Spreadshirt.com (currently ~300 employees worldwide, backed by Accel Europe) and was the co-founder of the Social Network “StudiVZ” (sold to Holtzbrinck in 2007, today Germanies largest website). At the beginning of 2008 Gadowski moved from the Spreadshirt Board of Directors to the Supervisory Board, where he is now chairman.

Lukasz is an active internet investor since 2006 and has a portfolio of over 60 internet companies across geographies and stages (for example imagekind.com, rapleaf.com, panfu.de, zlio.com, dawanda.de, amiando.com, imedo.de, toksta.com, apomio.de, epuls.pl, netzathleten.de).

Since 2007 he was involved in the creation of numerous Internet companies, for example Brands4Friends.com, MisterSpex.com, Absolventa.com, Triphunter.com, Playnik.com as well as Kaeuferportal.de. For these ventures Oliver Jung (AdInvest, Zürich) is an important partner.

In September 2008... Read More.

Robert Goldberg
Robert Goldberg (Crossroads Ventures)

Robert Goldberg is the Managing Director of Crossroads Ventures located in San Francisco and a Partner with YL Ventures an early stage European and Israeli Venture Fund located in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley and Amsterdam. Prior to founding Crossroads, Robert as the Managing Director at Idealab, an early stage investor and incubator. There he became an acknowledged expert and innovator in the capital efficient strategy of “milestone investing” which ties frequent operating milestones to successive capital investments. Robert’s investments include, Smalltown, Clicktale, Clickshift, Brightmail, Snap, Insider Pages, X1, Green Hedges, New.net/Vendare Media, Personal Bee, Trufina and Energy Innovations.

Prior to joining Idealab Goldberg spent more than 20 years in senior management, corporate investment and strategy positions at media, e-commerce and enterprise software companies, including... Read More.

James Governor

Co-founder of RedMonk, the first open source analyst company. Work with firms like Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun, helping them to understand how the IT world is changing and how they should respond.

I live and work in London with my wife and son. I travel too much. I could live in a mud hut and only eat raw vegetables and still have the carbon footprint of a small town.

With more than fourteen years of industry experience, Chris Gruber, Technical Manager for Developer Initiatives, works with IBM Information Management on industry-leading Data Server products. Previously, Chris has worked as a Senior Product Manager for Sybase iAnywhere Solutions. He has worked very closely with engineering and development partners accelerating partners time to the market. Chris currently works at IBM Information Management as Product Manager with Web 2.0 product lines.

Rafi  Haladjian
Rafi Haladjian (Violet)

Having pioneered French telematics (Minitel) as early as 1983, Rafi Haladjian went on to found FranceNet, France ’s very first ISP in June 1994. His intuition at the time was that the Internet, a highly confidential network in those days, was “history in the making”. FranceNet became Fluxus in 2000 and was sold to British Telecom in 2001. After heading one of the Internet’s major French players for over nine years Rafi Haladjian founded Ozone and Violet, another step forward in the great connectivity adventure he has been a part of for twenty years.

Ben Hammersley
Ben Hammersley (Dangerous Precedent Ltd)

Ben Hammersley is a journalist, technologist, and broadcaster. As a foreign reporter, he has worked in Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, and Beirut. As a technologist he has written books for O’Reilly and others, built sites for the Guardian and the BBC, and consulted for the UK government. He is principal of Dangerous Precedent Ltd, and Associate Editor of the UK edition of Wired.

Mat Hampson
Mat Hampson (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Mat Hampson has been a senior client-side developer at the BBC in London for the last six years, working on the first pan-site registration system, the BBC 2 broadband site, BBC iPlayer and now the new page layout system for bbc.co.uk, Barlesque. When not at the keyboard he can often be found at the controls of his old car or his old boat. Usually stationary and waiting for a mechanic.

Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized business strategist and enterprise architect who works hands-on with clients in the Fortune 500, federal government, and Internet startup community.

Dion helps lead the industry by evolving the thinking for next-generation businesses in various social media including ZDNet’s influential Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog and the Web 2.0 Blog. He is extensively published in leading industry periodicals and journals including the Microsoft Architecture Journal, AjaxWorld Magazine, SOA/Web Services Journal, and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Social Computing Journal. His thought leading work has been covered in BusinessWeek, CNET News, Wired Magazine, CIO Magazine, and other well-known news outlets.

In addition to helping organizations deliver large-scale Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 solutions as a Senior Vice President at... Read More.

Saul Klein
Saul Klein (Index Ventures)

Saul is a Partner at Index Ventures and The Accelerator Group. Saul is a
serial entrepreneur having been co-founder and original CEO at what is
now Lovefilm International. Saul has also founded Seedcamp and
Opencoffee Club.

Wolfgang  Klein
Wolfgang Klein (discovery sysko GmbH)

Wolfgang H. Klein, CEO and managing director of discovery sysko GmbH, is Partner and member in syskoplan’s living network since 2006.
Wolfgang Klein has more than 20 years expert knowledge in leading IT positions (Hardware/Software/Networks).
As the convergence process in IT and Broadcasting Technologies is continuously increasing, Wolfgang Klein is working for more than 10 years as CEO and Consultant in different Software-Developement Companies for international projects on digitalization of radio and TV stations.

Tariq Krim
Tariq Krim (NetVibes)

Tariq Krim is the Founder and CEO of Netvibes, one of the most popular and awarded web 2.0 startup.

He created one of the first on-line messaging systems in France while attending elementary school. During the dotcom bubble, he was the exclusive overseas correspondent in Silicon Valley for the French newspaper La Tribune. He left to create L8rmedia one of France most popular blog networks. Tariq has been advising CEO’s and politics on Internet strategy and is a regular speaker on web 2.0.

Tariq is consistently recognized as one of the most influential innovators in the European web space and was named one of the Top 35 Young Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review.

Tariq holds a degree in Physics from University... Read More.

Simon Levene
Simon Levene (Accel Partners)

Simon came to Accel in 2006 and is a partner focusing on Internet, software and services. Simon serves on the board of MyHeritage, and has led investments in two further un-announced projects. He is also actively involved in Gameforge and manages Accel London’s investment in Etsy. Earlier in his career, Simon spent over a dozen years in the Internet, media and communications industries.

Immediately prior to Accel, Simon served for four years as VP/Managing Director of Corporate Development at Yahoo!, where he was a key thought leader in the company’s international strategy, and responsible for sourcing and pursuing new business opportunities in Europe and Israel — through internal development, M&A, investment, and partnerships. His scope covered all of Yahoo!‘s activities, including search, media & advertising,... Read More.

John Lilly
John Lilly (Mozilla Corporation)

As the chief executive officer of Mozilla, John Lilly is responsible for guiding the product and organizational development efforts for Mozilla Corporation. Before becoming CEO, John was Mozilla’s COO and focused primarily on day-to-day and international operations of Mozilla.

Prior to his career at Mozilla, John was the founder, CTO and VP products of Reactivity, an XML Security company. He served as a senior scientist at Apple Computer Research Labs, and has held positions at Trilogy Software, Sun Microsystems and HP, among other companies.
John is a regular speaker at industry events and serves on the board of directors of the Open Source Application Foundation and Participatory Culture Foundation. He is also a member of the board of library trustees... Read More.

Stefan Magdalinski (MOO Print Ltd)

CTO of MOO.com.
Previously, a bunch of things.

Christophe Maire (Nokia Ltd)

Christophe has more than 15 years entrepreneurial and investing track record in Media- and Mobile communications-related technology areas. He has consistently delivered product innovation and has led the build-up of disruptive businesses (through both up- and downturns).

In 2000, Christophe founded and co-headed gate5 AG, the Berlin-based pioneer in mobile mapping & community service before selling the company to Nokia in late 2006. He led the company through multiple phases of venture financing and in turn grew gate5 to Euro 18 Mio in sales. As head of Maps and Explore, Christophe contributed to grow a very successful worldwide service business for Nokia (Ovi Maps). The former gate5 unit today employs more than 300 highly qualified developers in Berlin alone.

Before that, Christophe led Filmstudio Babelsberg... Read More.

Gustav Martner (Daddy)

One of the most recognized figures in digital advertising today, Gustav co-founded web agency Daddy in 2000 and as both senior creative and strategist, he has created several award-winning campaigns. Daddy is considered to be one of the foremost web agencies in the world, working with clients such as TeliaSonera, Absolut, Scania, Volkswagen, IKEA and Red Bull.

In early 2006, Gustav co-founded two new companies under the Daddy umbrella; Daddy Identity Department – digital visual identities and usability design – and Daddy Production – digital ad production services for both in-house projects and external agencies.

He’s a board member of the Advertising Association of Sweden, member of the Creative Social network, honorary member of the Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences and been a... Read More.

Patrick McDevitt
Patrick McDevitt (Tele Atlas)

McDevitt is vice president of global engineering for Tele Atlas, responsible for deploying innovative technologies that improve quality and reduce new content time-to-market. He oversees the development teams based in Belgium, Germany Poland, and the United States to help launch the technologies that support the range of markets the company serves, including the evolving location based services (LBS) marketplace covering navigation, internet and wireless navigation applications, as well as the enterprise and automotive sectors.

Previously, McDeviit served as vice president of database operations and director of engineering with Geographic Data Technology (GDT), which was acquired by Tele Atlas in 2004. Prior to joining the company, McDevitt spent 10 years working in the GIS industry mapping environmental hazards for commercial real estate lenders.... Read More.

Luca Mearelli
Luca Mearelli (Kyberworks s.r.l.)

I’m a software craftsman, looking to find the best tools for the work I’m doing, and looking forward to build “things” that are useful and beautiful.

I’ve been working as a developer for almost 10 years on
telecom projects, ERP systems, web applications and during this time I’ve learnt that the success of a system depends on the synthesis of technical and non technical issues.

Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic Lab), @ralphm

Ralph Meijer has been involved with the Jabber/XMPP community since late 2000 and has worked on prototyping new ideas in presenting and communicating information using Jabber. Most of these experiments revolve around publish-subscribe technologies for transporting information like extended presence and news, and have resulted in several XMPP protocol design contributions and services. He is a member of the XMPP Council that oversees the standards development process at the XMPP Standards Foundation and worked for Jaiku. He is now employed by Mediamatic Lab.

Mattias Miksche (Stardoll)

Mattias Miksche is the CEO and co-founder of Stardoll, an international fashion & entertainment community for teen and tween girls that attracts over 8 million unique users every month.

Prior to Stardoll, he founded Scandinavian online DVD rental company Boxman and merged it 2005 with U.K-based Lovefilm to form Europe’s largest DVD rental & movie download company.

Prior to Boxman.com, Miksche was one of the original European founders of E*TRADE Financial from 1998 to 2002, leaving as the CEO of E*TRADE Germany.

Miksche holds an Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics and attended The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

Gen Miyazawa
Gen Miyazawa (Cirius Technologies, Inc.)

Mr. Miyazawa started his company when he was a student at The
University of Tokyo and established Cirius Technologies in May, 2004
after graduation.
He especially focuses on the management to realize corporate mission.

Mr. Miyazawa is also an author of several books such as “SNS Business
Guide”, etc, published in Japan.

Duane Nickull
Duane Nickull (Adobe Systems)

As Senior Technical Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Duane Nickull is responsible for Adobe’s
messaging around enterprise solutions in the SOA and Web Services spaces plus other
forward looking aspects such as the Web 2.0. Previously Mr. Nickull co-founded Yellow
Dragon Software Corporation, a privately held developer of XML messaging and metadata
management software, acquired by Adobe in 2003. He previously served as CTO and
President of XML Global Technologies, a publicly traded company acquired by Xenos
Group in early 2003.
Mr. Nickull has written or participated in most of the larger SOA standards work in the past
decade. He currently chairs the OASIS Service Oriented Architecture Reference Model
Technical Committee... Read More.

Niko Nyman (N. Nyman Oy)

I’m a consultant and a flash developer, with former careers in graphic design, web strategy, and music production. My goal is to create better experiences through everything I do – be it code, design, or talking about the business value of good user experiences.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @timoreilly

Tim has a history of convening conversations that reshape the industry. In 1998, he organized the meeting where the term “open source software” was agreed on, and helped the business world understand its importance. In 2004, with the Web 2.0 Summit, he defined how “Web 2.0” represented not only the resurgence of the web after the dot com bust, but a new model for the computer industry, based on big data, collective intelligence, and the internet as a platform. In 2009, with his “Gov 2.0 Summit,” he framed a conversation about the modernization of government technology that has shaped policy and spawned initiatives at the Federal, State, and local level, and around the world. He has now turned his attention to implications of the on-demand... Read More.

Jennifer Pahlka
Jennifer Pahlka (Code for America), @pahlkadot

Jennifer Pahlka is the co-chair and general manager of the Web 2.0 Expos for TechWeb. Previously she chaired Enterprise 2.0, and before that was the director of the Game Group at CMP. During her tenure in the games business, she oversaw the dramatic growth of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) from 1995 to 2003 and launched a number of notable programs, including the Independent Games Festival, known as the Sundance of the game industry, and the Game Developers Choice Awards. Her roles included publisher of Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra.com, the premiere web site for game developers, and executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), an independent non-profit association serving game developers around the world. She has served on the... Read More.

Jari Pasanen
Jari Pasanen (Nokia)

Jari Pasanen was appointed Vice President, Innovation Acceleration in January 2008 and is based in Tampere, Finland. He has been responsible for driving the innovation process for the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, based on consumer and business needs and overseeing Nokia’s research strategy and portfolio. Currently he is acting as a Senior Advisor for the process of creating a portfolio of activities leading into the next growth areas for Nokia beyond current core businesses.

Prior to his current role, Jari has held a variety of roles of increasing seniority, covering research & development, technology management, quality, strategy and business development in Nokia’s former Mobile Phones and Multimedia business groups.

Jari Pasanen joined Nokia in 1993 from the Tampere University of Technology (TUT),... Read More.

Alan Patrick
Alan Patrick (Broadsight Ltd, also writes Broadstuff blog (www.broadstuff.com))

Alan Patrick co founded Broadsight after a career both consulting to, and working at, senior level for leading global multimedia companies such as the BBC, British Telecom (OpenWorld and Ignite), AOL Time Warner, ntl and UPC. He has worked in the US, Europe, South Africa and the Far East.

Prior to setting up Broadsight, Alan was Managing Director and COO at Jacobs Rimell, who specialise in multi-media OSS systems. Before that he held positions as VP Corporate Development for Globix Corporation in New York, Head of Internet Business Development at British Telecom, and consulted widely on multimedia to a number of major TV and cable companies in his consulting career at McKinsey and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He was involved in the design... Read More.

Felix Petersen (Plazes.com)

Felix Petersen is co-founder of plazes.com, one of the pioneering start-ups in the context and location based services area. Founded in 2006 it has recently been sold to Nokia. Petersen is now Head of Product Management in the newly formed “Social Activities” team at Nokia.

Plazes has been written and talked about up and down the media landscape and its investors and developer community included some of the brightest minds in the space. Petersen has had numerous appearances in publications like Wired, the New York Times and many others as well as being a frequent speaker at conferences.

Born and raised in Berlin, Petersen has been busy with remote data transmissions since the late eighties and has been building things on the Internet since 1996.... Read More.

Mehrdad Piroozram (iSteps Widget Ventures)

Mehrdad Piroozram was born on 21st March 1971 in Tehran. Since 1990 he has worked in the enterprise IT business sector. His main areas of work: programming and networks. In 1995 he founded Pironet and in 2000 saw through the initial public offering. In 2003 he sold the company. Since the end of 2005 he has acted as a business angel and has pressed ahead with the idea of iSteps.

iSteps is an independent network of serial entrepreneurs that is continually growing. iSteps wins over dedicated private individuals, who are, in the main, entrepreneurs and leading managers, to the innovative concepts of start-up companies. As well as definitive professional and operational experience in the rapid set-up of start-up companies, our network partners often also bring... Read More.

Gina Poole
Gina Poole (IBM Software Group)

Gina Poole is Vice President of Social Software Programs & Enablement, and SWG Web Marketing & Sales. She has worldwide responsibility for creating and optimizing programs that use IBM social software offerings and technologies to drive innovation and collaboration. She is charged with establishing SWG as the showcase for the benefits of social computing. In addition, Gina is responsible for IBM Software web marketing and online sales. She leads a worldwide team to deliver IBM’s software web presence, web marketing tactics including social media marketing, and web-based sales channels.

In her previous role, she was Vice President, Innovation and University Relations for IBM. She had worldwide responsibility for developing and executing internal programs that drive IBM’s strategic imperative for innovation... Read More.

Scott Rafer
Scott Rafer (Lookery)

Scott Rafer has been helping Internet publishers and users take advantage of the latest technologies and trends since 1995. Today, that means delivering services for social publishing and discovery. As CEO of Lookery, Rafer is creating an ad network and user-targeting service that supports the growth of social applications, starting with Facebook. He is also co-founder of Mashery, which manages API and developer programs for web services providers, and chairman of Winksite, which makes it easy for individuals as well as big publishers to share media across mobile and social networks. Earlier, Rafer was CEO of MyBlogLog until Yahoo! acquired the company in January 2007. Prior to MyBlogLog, he twice tried and failed to build blog search companies—in 1998 and 2003. Before... Read More.

Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery is the lead analyst of GreenMonk, the energy and sustainability practice of industry analyst firm RedMonk.

Before joining RedMonk, Tom was a social media consultant and co-founder of Cork Internet eXchange (CIX) – a hyper energy efficient data center. Tom documented in realtime the entire build of the CIX on Flickr, Slideshare and www.cix.ie, effectively open-sourcing the build of an energy efficient data center.

Tom has a many years experience in IT and social media and is originally a scientist by training.

JP Rangaswami
JP Rangaswami (BT Design)

JP Rangaswami is the Managing Director, Service Design for BT Design – BT Group’s IT design and delivery business. It has total responsibility for designing, building and implementing the IT and business processes, systems, networks (non-Openreach) and technologies. JP is responsible for group operations as well as enterprise management platforms and web technologies. He has extensive international experience and is passionate about delivering outstanding end-to-end customer experience. He has a record for innovation and collaboration that underpins his customer-focused delivery of major global programmes.

JP joined BT from Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein where he served as Global CIO demonstrating recognised market leadership in the use of innovative tools and techniques. He is a compelling advocate for community-based “opensource” development methods and practices.

He is fervent... Read More.

Dieter Rappold (Knallgrau New Media Solutions GmbH)

I founded knallgrau in february 2001 together with three friends. We decided to focus on blogs in 2002 and today knallgrau is the leading solution provider in Web 2.0 and social media in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Andreas Ravn
Andreas Ravn (namics)

Since 1995, Andreas Ravn works as a software engineer, focussing on different types of communication software. Since 2001, he works for namics, a swiss internet company, in different countries. Multilingualism being a natural issue for the Swiss, and the problem becoming even more interesting in the context of Web2.0 sites with user generated content, he has dealt with this topic in a number of projects.

Leisa Reichelt
Leisa Reichelt (Australian Government, Digital Transformation Office)

Leisa leads a team of designers, researchers, writers and analysts who work within agile, multidisciplinary teams to create continuous connection between the Australian government and its citizens, and a real understanding of the human experience of government as it transforms to design digital services that really meet users needs. She heads Service Design in the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) in Sydney and Canberra.

Previously she was Head of User Research at the Government Digital Service (GDS) in the UK.

Leisa has a background in User Centred Design, Design Research and Information Architecture combined with a passion for making these practices more accessible and more successful for companies with limited time or resources, and for those who work using agile or lean methods.

Leisa... Read More.

Marko Samastur
Marko Samastur (Zemanta Ltd.)

Marko Samastur is the Head of Front-end Development at Zemanta. He likes to push browsers as far as they can go in pursuit of an unattainable goal of perfect interface. He is also known to talk about virtues of open web to anyone willing to listen.

Ted Shelton
Ted Shelton (The Conversation Group)

Ted has spent the past 20 years working in the high tech industry, as a software developer and executive in both public and privately held companies. Most recently Ted developed a new participatory media platform called The Personal Bee, which was acquired by Technorati in early 2007. Ted has been active in re-envisioning Technorati’s product roadmap and business strategy and as a part of this effort created The Conversation Group as a key Technorati partner. Prior roles include Chief Strategy Officer of Borland Software and Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for WhoWhere.

Peter Stahl
Peter Stahl (eBay)

Peter Stahl is Lead User Experience Designer at eBay, where he focuses on design patterns, interaction design, and holistic site experience. He led the recent, groundbreaking interaction audit of the site, and is applying that work to implement a coherent “feel” for the user experience. He leads the notorious Pattern OPtimization Squad (POPS) that reviews design patterns, and is also impresario of eBay’s Polynesian-themed Page Parsing Parties, where designs are deconstructed into their constituent components.

Peter’s earlier work at Netscape/AOL included AOL Radio, and his designs for PlaceWare online conferencing can be seen in Microsoft Office Live Meeting. He has also created experiences for application management at Business Signatures, interactive television at SGI and PowerTV, and tablet computers at GO Corp.... Read More.

Alex Stamos
Alex Stamos (iSEC Partners, Inc.)

Alex Stamos is a Founding Partner of iSEC Partners, Inc, a strategic digital security organization. Alex is an experienced security engineer and consultant specializing in application security and securing large infrastructures, and has taught multiple classes in network and application security. He is a leading researcher in the field of web application and web services security and has been a featured speaker at top industry conferences such as Black Hat, CanSecWest, DefCon, SyScan, Microsoft BlueHat and OWASP App Sec. He is a contributing author of “Hacking Exposed: Web 2.0” and holds a BSEE from the University of California, Berkeley.

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez (IBM)

Luis Suarez has been working in IBM for over 11 years as a Knowledge Manager and Community Builder and the last five
of those years he has been working as well as a Social Computing Evangelist helping various different business units with
their rampant adoption of social software within the corporate firewall and beyond.

He is currently working for the IBM Software group where he is leading a community of Social Software Ambassadors
helping spread the message on the potential impact that social computing has within the areas of finding experts, finding
information and changing the knowledge sharing culture.

He currently maintains three different blogs, one internal and two external (http://elsua.net), where he gets... Read More.

Brian Suda
Brian Suda (optional.is), @briansuda

Brian Suda is a master informatician currently residing in Reykjavík, Iceland. He has spent a good portion of each day connected to Internet after discovering it in the mid-90s. When he is not hacking on microformats or writing about web technologies, he enjoys taking kite aerial photography. His own little patch of Internet can be found at suda.co.uk where many of his past projects, publications, interviews
and crazy ideas can be found.

Udo Szabo
Udo Szabo (Nokia)

Udo Szabo is leading the Product Strategy for Ovi by Nokia. During his career at Nokia he held a variety of positions in business, product and strategy teams focused on internet services, design and technology innovation. Most recently he was responsible for conceptualizing the new N-Gage software platform, leading strategic UI projects and bringing Nokia´s internet service offering on the mobile, desktop and web together under the Ovi brand. He is a coach, mentor and internet strategy consultant throughout the company.

Michelle Thorne
Michelle Thorne (Creative Commons International)

Michelle Thorne works for Creative Commons International in Berlin, Germany. She assists in coordinating over fifty jurisdictions worldwide to localize and promote the Creative Commons licensing suite. She contributes to projects such as CC Case Studies, which documents exemplary and innovative license usage.

Michelle holds a B.A. in Critical Social Thought and German Studies from Mount Holyoke College, USA.

Andraž Tori
Andraž Tori (Zemanta)

Born in 1981, programming since he was 10. In 2001 he cofounded Kiberpipa, currently the most successful Slovenian cyber center. He hosted TV show on information technologies at Slovenian national television from 2002 until early 2007 when he became an entrepreneur. He co-founded Zemanta where he serves as CTO.

Zemanta offers automatic suggestions of related news, links, images and tags to blog writers and other authors. It does contextual analysis of the content. Recently Zemanta has closed a VC funding round and launched public web service delivered via Firefox plugin.

Jon Roar Tønnesen

Jon Roar Tønnesen is working for NRK since 1972. He started as broadcast engineer and was the first engineer who became a journalist for NRK. For several years he was responsible for editorial contents as well as for technical production of a weekly radio show. After this period he became producer and since 1993 he is working as a project manager for different huge technical projects in the departments Production, editorial software and IT. Just recently Jon Roar Tønnesen became head of NRK’s music library and is responsible now for transferring the old analog archives into a new digital future.

Yossi Vardi
Yossi Vardi (International Technologies)

Yossi Vardi is one of Israel’s early entrepreneurs. For 39 years he has co-founded, led, and helped build over 60 high-tech companies. Among them: Tekem (1969) one of Israel’s first software houses, Israel Chemicals (chairman 71-74), Alon Energy, Granite Hacarmel, International Lasers Technologies, and others.

Co-pioneered instant messaging, as founding investor and chairman of Mirabilis Ltd. The creator of ICQ, sold to AOL. Numerous investments went public (Answers.com, scopus, granite, International Tehcnologies Lasers ) or have been acquired (Gteko by Microsoft, Tivella by Cisco, Airlink by Sierra Wireless, foxytunes by Yahoo, Starnet by IAC, and more). Member of the Advisory board of Amdocs.

He has served on Boards of numerous state and private corporations including Bezeq, Israel Electric, Amdocs, Advisory board of... Read More.

Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky is an Argentine/Spanish entrepreneur, founder of seven companies in the past 20 years.

In 1984, while still in college, Martin Varsavsky started his first business, Urban Capital Corporation, one of the early leaders of the loft movement in downtown Manhattan. This was soon followed in 1986 by Medicorp Services, a Canadian biotechnology company, a pioneer in AIDS and PSA testing. His third business, Viatel Ltd., Martin’s first venture into the world of telecom, was founded in 1990. This company is best known for inventing call back and building the first pan European fiber optic network ahead of liberalization.

MV’s best-known ventures were founded during the last decade. In 1998 MV started Jazztel Telecomunicaciones (Jazztel), Spain’s second largest publicly traded telecom operator.... Read More.

Gustav is a freelancing Internet strategist, tinkering with online strategy and creative advertising for some of the most interesting clients in Europe – ranging from much-hyped start ups such as Pacemaker (www.pacemaker.net) to established giants like Google.

Also; he’s a productivity obsessed creativity freak, closet geek, golf nut, ex-skibum, gamer, compulsive talker, avid reader and a founding partner of startup incubator New to World (www.newtoworld.com), co-developing tools and technologies to enable more creative, funny and intelligent advertising.

He splits his time between Stockholm (Sweden) and Hong Kong.

Joe Walker
Joe Walker (Sitepen)

Joe Walker is lead developer of the DWR framework, and Director of Support and Development at Sitepen

He is a frequent speaker at industry events like JavaOne, FoWA and The Ajax Experience. He is an author of Ajax in Practice, and blogs at http://getahead.org/blog/joe and also at http://cometdaily.com

Jonathan Weiss (Peritor GmbH)

Jonathan Weiss is a Ruby consultant and partner at Peritor Wissensmanagement GmbH in Berlin, Germany. For the last years he has been developing and consulting large Ruby on Rails projects where he focused on Scalability and Security. He is an active member of the Ruby and Rails community and is the developer of the Open Source deployment tool Webistrano. In his spare time he maintains Rubygems and Rails in the FreeBSD Ports system.

John Hendrik Weitzmann (Creative Commons Germany / European Academy of Law and Computing (EEAR))

John Hendrik Weitzmann, originally from Hamburg, studied law in Saarbrücken, Sydney, and Trier. He is earning his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Maximilian Herberger at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Saarland. As colleague at the European Academy of Law and Computing, he took on the role of Legal Project Lead for Creative Commons Germany. Since October 2007 he works at the Federal Ministry of Justice in Berlin.

Josh Damon Williams
Josh Damon Williams (Hot Studio, Inc. )

Josh Damon Williams is user-experience designer currently working for Hot Studio, Inc., an award-winning design firm based San Francisco, USA. Since the late 90s, he’s designed and developed web sites; his involvement on projects has ranged from developing content and business strategies, to designing and coding prototypes, conducting usability studies, and documenting project requirements. His work includes projects for LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., Hotwire.com (operated by Expedia, Inc.), The World Heritage Alliance (a partnership between the UN Foundation and Expedia, Inc.), eBay.com and Architecture for Humanity.

Prior to moving to San Francisco, Josh studied film production in Los Angeles, USA, and worked in the animation industry, supervising the digital composition of animation productions for TV, commercials and video games for 7 years. More recently,... Read More.

Luca  Zappa
Luca Zappa (Reply - TamTamy.com), @zaps

I am the technical director of TamTamy

TamTamy is a software solution to create and develop Enterprise Social Networks and Communities. TamTamy offers a flexible and integrated set of services and social tools to improve business functions, foster internal collaboration and innovation as well as extend business relationships with stakeholders and customers.

Organizations and enterprises adopt TamTamy to develop tailored informal employee networks, communities of customers and instant communities around trade or corporate events with video broadcasts.

Delivery can be configured as a service (SaaS based on a cloud architecture) or integrated on-premises as a Web software solution.

TamTamy is a trademark of Reply, a leading Consultancy, Systems Integration, Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing company, specialized in the creation and implementation of... Read More.