Vikram Dendi

Vikram Dendi
Director of Product Management, Microsoft


Vikram Dendi is the Director of Product Management for Microsoft (and Bing’s) Cloud Translation service. He runs a unique triad of teams (Design, Product Management, and Business Development) for the group that productizes natural language focused innovations from Microsoft’s research organization. Started as an incubation within Microsoft Research, this state-of-the-art technology today powers millions of translations each day via Bing’s translation site (Bing Translator), Internet Explorer, Office, Windows Phone and other Microsoft products as well as many partner products built on top the extensive developer API.

Vikram helped incubate and launch a variety of new products and services in his Microsoft tenure, along with leading the marketing efforts for the company’s Mapping and Location based services, product planning for Microsoft’s mobile platform and, more recently, helping create an incubation group focused on emerging markets. Prior to Microsoft he led several efforts in the Consumer Products Group at Real Networks, and was a project lead for the open source Helix Player community. He is an honors graduate of the California Institute of Technology.


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Vikram Dendi (Microsoft), David Campbell (Microsoft)
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