David Campbell

David Campbell
Technical Fellow, Microsoft

David Campbell is a Microsoft Technical Fellow working in Microsoft Corp.’s Server and Tools Business. Campbell joined Microsoft in 1994 from Digital Equipment Corp. as Microsoft began its push to become a credible enterprise software vendor. His early work at Microsoft included creating an OLE DB interface over the existing SQL Server storage engine, which helped to bootstrap SQL Server’s present-generation query processor. He also worked closely with Mohsen Agsen, another Microsoft Technical Fellow, and the Microsoft Transaction Server team to add distributed transaction support to SQL Server 6.5.

Microsoft made a bold move to re-architect SQL Server for the SQL Server 7.0 release. As a key technical member of the storage engine team, Campbell implemented the SQL Server lock manager and other critical concurrency control mechanisms. He also implemented row-level locking in SQL Server 7.0, one of the hallmark features of the release.

Through the SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 releases, Campbell served in a variety of roles including product-level architect and general manager of product development. After the SQL Server 2005 release, he led a small team in redesigning SQL Server product development methodology. The new process, used to produce SQL Server 2008, resulted in SQL Server 2008 having the highest initial quality levels of any SQL Server release to date.

As of August 2010, Campbell is serving as general manager of Microsoft’s Data and Modeling Group, which oversees Microsoft’s data modeling and data access strategies.

Campbell holds a number of patents in the data management, schema and software quality realms. He is also a frequent speaker at industry and research conferences on a variety of data management and software development topics. His current product development interests include cloud-scale computing, realizing value from ambient data, and multidimensional, context-rich computing experiences.

Campbell lives in Washington with his wife, Marcia. They have two college-age sons. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife to find new locations for landscape and nature photography.


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