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Mike McCue, CEO, Flipboard.

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Mike McCue


Longtime Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mike McCue founded Flipboard in early 2010, together with former Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll. Flipboard is a social magazine for iPad filled with all the things your friends are sharing by applying the timeless principles of print to social media.

Inspired by the beauty and ease of print media, Flipboardʼs mission is to fundamentally improve how people discover, view and share content across their social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Instead of scrolling down a stream or timeline, Flipboard presents the updates, links, articles and photos that people are sharing like a magazine.

In 1999, Mike founded Tellme Networks, one of the world’s largest Internet networks for voice communication. He successfully led the integration of the company’s technology into Microsoft’s infrastructure following its acquisition. Microsoft bought Tellme in 2007 for $800 million.

Before founding Tellme, Mike worked at Netscape as Vice President of Technology. He joined Netscape after their successful acquisition of the first company he founded, Paper Software, a leader in 3-D browser technology. He was honored with a Kilby International Award as a Young Innovator for his work bringing 3-D technology to the world through Netscape’s Web browser.

Mike joined Twitter’s Board of Directors in December 2010.

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Laurent Pacalin
10/27/2011 10:57am PDT

Back away from the data, let information becomes the interface and think about aesthetics! Mike McCue makes a very courageous statement. Courageous and enlightening, it brings us back to ancient Greece and the “Golden Rule” when science intersected with art.

Jason Winder
10/19/2011 3:19am PDT

Very insightful comments—best presentation of the conference so far. The tension between aesthetics and data is extremely interesting, and will have increasingly far-reaching implications as the data flood continues.

Picture of Zoe  Sexton
Zoe Sexton
10/19/2011 3:10am PDT

Finally someone actually talking about white space! Thank you- I talk about this all the time when I talk about design and more importantly about how the brain processes, intakes information and begins to synthesize it into new creative ideas. This creativity, ability to connect and derive new solutions needs actual and virtual white space to allow this process to happen most effectively!

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