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MC Hammer, Co-Founder CEO, Alchemist MMA.

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MC Hammer

Alchemist MMA

Born Stanley Kirk Burrell in Oakland, California in 1962, this immensely popular recording artist synthesized the street sounds of African-American and pop culture earning the respect of his community and creating a global phenomenon with tours in Asia, Europe, Australia and Russia. MC Hammer made his first break on the 1987 album Feel My Power. This album gained the attention of recording moguls at Capitol Records which contracted Hammer for a reported record-breaking advance for a rap artist at that time. In 1987 Let’s Get It Started was released and sold over three million records. Hammer’s follow-up, 1990’s Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em, solidified Hammers appeal with more than 20 million copies sold worldwide. Massive exposure and sponsorship deals followed with Mattel, Toshiba, Taco Bell, KFC and Pepsi-Cola, turning Hammer into an international household name. Hammer’s single “U Can’t Touch This” remained in the US/UK Top 5 and the album held the number one spot on the Billboard charts for a record breaking 23 weeks and was in constant rotation on MTV. In 1993, Too Legit to Quit was released (5x Platinum), featuring the triple platinum single and soundtrack hit “Addams Groove” and the explosive selling title track. “Too Legit To Quit”. Media Exposure blossomed with a U.S. television adventure cartoon hero named “Hammerman” and a Mattel Hammer doll. Hammer pants, dance moves, glasses and haircut became pop culture staples. A multitude of awards including three Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, The Peoples Choice Award, Image Award and the prestigious BillBoard “Diamond Award”. The International Album of the Year validated Hammer’s talent as a world-class entertainer. While commercially an enormous success, Hammer stayed close to his roots and was praised as a role model for youth for his community commitment and his, “Help The Children Foundation". Hammer was honored with “MC Hammer Days” in Oakland, Los Angeles and Fremont, California. After 15 years in film, entertainment ,music, and production, MC Hammer has spent the last ten years researching broadband, wireless, and mobile technology and its applications to rich media, premium content and Social Communities. Hammer brings both traditional and Social Media expertise into the public forum. Hammer was the Key Note Speaker for the Intel CEO conference in 2008 (600 CEO’s), spoke on Social Media at Harvard (HBS) in 2009 and was a speaker at Stanfords MIT/VLab in 2009. Wharton School of Business and at England’s Oxford University in 2010. Hammer is a co founder of Social Media Destination Dancejam and currently co-founder/CEO of Alchemist MMA. Hammer also was Executive Producer and Creator of “HammerTime” a Real Life Family show on the A&E networks.

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Tara Tiger Brown
10/21/2011 3:36am PDT

I wrote a blog post with my feedback.

“Pitching Your Product or Service to a Veteran Tech Audience, or An Open Letter to MC Hammer”


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