Adam Sadowsky

Adam Sadowsky
President & CEO, Syyn Labs


Adam is an entrepreneur with experience in a broad range of industry sectors. He’s been involved in early stages with companies in software, product design, video games, genetics research, and online sales. The common thread through all of these is that his role has always been helping talented and creative people achieve extraordinary results. Currently, he’s the President of Syyn Labs, a collection of extraordinarily talented technology artists all formerly trained in a wide variety of disciplines including robotics, physics, software engineering, and design. Leading this team, Adam orchestrated the build of the massive Rube Goldberg machine for the OK Go music video “This Too Shall Pass”, and the “organ” built from 24 automobiles played by Gary Numan in an online commercial for DieHard Battery.

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Adam Sadowsky (Syyn Labs)
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