Canaan's Web After Dark - The Official Opening Night Party

Location: Bently Reserve Level:
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Canaan’s WEB AFTER DARK Party – #webafterdark
Location: Bently Reserve

Travel through a web wonderland with the CEOs of the hottest startups from Silicon Valley to New York at Canaan’s Web After Dark party – the official opening night party for Web 2.0 Summit. Mix and mingle in the living room of the future as you sample the next-generation of Internet TV platforms. Canaan will be giving away the TVs and Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox360 to a few lucky guests. Don’t miss this legendary annual event from 9 pm – midnight at the historic Bently Reserve in San Francisco.

Online RSVP will be required and you must be a registered Web 2.0 Summit attendee to receive an invitation this event. Please click here to REQUEST INVITE. You will be asked to enter your name and the email with which you registered to Web 2.0 Summit. Once your name and email are verified, you will receive an invitation that allows you to RSVP.

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Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
11/13/2010 2:34pm PST

Fwiw, I was able to RSVP w/o issue, but probably more importantly, I’ve been told that any Web 2.0 Summit attendee with their attendee badge should have no trouble getting into the Web After Dark event.

Picture of Philip Hopbell
Philip Hopbell
11/13/2010 9:29am PST

I got an invite and tried to log in and was rejected, LOL, even though I was replying to their invite.

Mathieu Duffar
10/29/2010 4:17am PDT

RSVP to the web after dark not working. help please.

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