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Wim Elfrink (Cisco)
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Wim Elfrink


Wim Elfrink heads two global organizations for Cisco, co-leading Cisco’s $7.6B global Services
division and driving the company’s globalisation strategy out of Cisco’s Globalisation Centre
East in Bangalore, India, where he moved with his family in 2007. Elfrink is a direct report to
Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and is an officer of the company.

Elfrink became Cisco’s first ever Chief Globalisation Officer in 2006. In this role, he is
responsible for leading Cisco’s efforts to become the world’s most globally relevant company, by
incubating new business models and partner ecosystems, growing in strategic markets, and
transforming global operations. The globalisation strategy is designed to help Cisco deliver a
greater choice of solutions, business models and partners for its customers worldwide. Elfrink
also leads Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities initiative, which uses the network as the
platform to transform physical communities to connected communities, run on networked
information, to enable economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In 2010, Elfrink’s responsibilities as Chief Globalisation Officer were expanded to include
co-leadership of Cisco’s market adjacency strategy with Cisco Chairman and CEO John
Chambers, helping to operationalize Cisco’s entry into new emerging markets, emerging
solutions, new ecosystem partners, and other selected adjacencies through the Emerging
Solutions Council. In addition, Elfrink co-leads the Emerging Countries Council and focuses on
Cisco’s next-generation strategy for emerging countries, including services sales and delivery,
with a special focus on Brazil, Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

As co-lead for Cisco Services, Elfrink focuses on growing and expanding pre-chasm emerging
services aligned tightly with his broad new role for Cisco’s market adjacency and emerging
countries strategy. Since May 2002, Elfrink has grown the Cisco Services division from $3.3B
when he assumed leadership to more than $7.6B in 2010. In December 2009 Daily News &
Analysis, a leading Indian newspaper named Elfrink one of Bangalore’s 50 Most Influential
People – one of 12 from the corporate world and the only expat to be featured.

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