Rolf Herken

Rolf Herken

CEO & CTO: mental images GmbH

Rolf Herken is the CEO and CTO of mental images GmbH, the company he had founded in 1986. mental images is the recognized international leader in providing component and platform software for the creation, manipulation and visualization of 3D content. He drives the company’s innovative technologies and products with primary responsibility for Research, Development, Technology Strategy and for the Company’s OEM strategy and business. In 1999 he founded the company incremental images, Inc. in San Francisco to develop the technology that is now known under the product name RealityServer. The company was later acquired by mental images GmbH. In November 2007 he sold mental images GmbH to NVIDIA Corporation.
Since then mental images is a wholly owned subsidiary of NVIDIA.

Before founding mental images, Rolf Herken was a researcher at the Institute for Theory of Elementary Particles, FU Berlin, where he worked on Computability Aspects of Physical Theory, in particular of Quantum Gravity.


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