David Prager
Founder and Chief Evangelist, Revision3


David has worked as a broadcast television producer, technology writer and journalist since 1999 for ZDTV, TechTV and G4 Media. He is a seasoned veteran of television production with several hundred hours of daily live production and many dozens of documentary and field productions under his belt in the roles of producer, writer, director, and talent. He has been heavily involved in computers and technology since becoming SysOp of his own computer BBS in 1989 and subsequently as a network administrator for the software company, Bowne Litigation Solutions. After joining Revision3, David quickly took over the day to day operations, managing business opportunities, developing new programming, and successfully building and executing a working business model for the emerging medium of Internet VOD programs. David holds degrees in Communication and Media Studies from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.


Location: Ralston Level:
Xeni Jardin (Boing Boing tv), Timothy Shey (YouTube Next Lab), David Prager (Revision3), Robin Sloan (Current), Greg Goodfried (EQAL), Miles Beckett (EQAL), Andrew Baron (Rocketboom)
Turn the clock back ten years to Internet Video, circa 1998: the first internet celebrity sex tape scandal hit (Pamela Anderson), the first direct-to-web music video release from a Billboard top ten artist happened (Van Halen), Al Gore asked NASA to launch a satellite to beam back 24/7 web video, and viral web entertainment mostly meant "Hampsterdance." Much has changed in a decade. Read more.

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