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Shawn Allen (Stamen Design), Andreas Weigend (Social Data Lab), Jon Walton (City and County of San Francisco), Jennifer Pahlka (Code for America)
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(2.00, 3 ratings)
The City of San Francisco challenges other organizations to set our information free, to develop apps that make people’s lives easier using our datasets. Learn about what has been developed so far and let us know what you want to work on. This session is non-technical and will provide info for anyone interested in apps based on city data. Read more.
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Andrew Filev (
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(3.10, 10 ratings)
Hundreds of Web 2.0 apps for business are created today, only dozens of them survive. Is it bad marketing or poor financing? The truth is the most Web 2.0 tools for work simply don’t fit the existing business users’ habits. Learn how leveraging ubiquitous tools, like email, helped win over thousands of corporate and SMB teams worldwide. Read more.
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Diann Eisnor (waze)
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(3.45, 11 ratings)
As the digital world is becoming more and more real-time, the notion of maps as a series of borders is changing--and we're moving toward maps that are created based on what’s happening right now in a given location. Pretty soon, we’ll navigate more based on time than space, which presents radically unique implications for product, UI, monetization and more. Read more.
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Micki Krimmel (Sugar Packet, Inc.)
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Sharing content on the web is old news. The new wave of applications is all about sharing physical objects IRL (In Real Life). Services that connect people to share household items, cars and even bedrooms have been all the rage recently. How do you encourage neighbors to trust each other? This session will cover what's required to build a community of trust that supports sharing in real life. Read more.
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Naval Ravikant (AngelList)
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The rise of angel investors is part of a substantial, structural shift in power in Silicon Valley, with entrepreneurs gaining influence and prominence--and leverage. In this session, we'll look at the trends and their significance. - you can watch the preso here. Read more.
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