Victor Tsaran
Sr. Accessibility Program Manager at Yahoo!, Yahoo! Inc.


Victor Tsaran, currently the Senior Accessibility Program Manager at Yahoo!, has fifteen years of experience in the field of accessibility. He helps to drive various accessibility-related initiatives at Yahoo!, such as the Yahoo! Accessibility Labs, educates designers and developers about access technology and how to code/test for it, and evangelizes accessibility and best web development practices inside and outside of the company
In 1995 Victor co-founded one of the first computer centers for the blind in Ukraine. He later taught computers to visually impaired students in South Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and worked with several international organizations to advance computer literacy and understanding of accessibility among educators in developing countries.
Victor participates in various accessibility-related open source projects to enable access to the web and music production software by blind computer users around the world.
Additionally, Victor also has great passion for the guitar, having played this instrument for over 20 years, and has just celebrated the release of his new record".


Victor Tsaran (Yahoo! Inc.), Nicholas Zakas (Box)
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The Web is inherently accessible, however, there are a large amount of sites that are hard for those using assistive technology.There are 650 million people worldwide living with disabilities and developing an accessible site improves the overall user experience for people of all abilities.Learn how the Yahoo! homepage-visited by more than 300 people monthly was created with accessibility in mind. Read more.
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