Janice Fraser

Janice Fraser


Janice is an entrepreneur, designer, and advisor to early stage companies. She has raised capital, founded both successful and failed startups, and consulted to both large enterprises & tiny startups. Along the way Janice has learned a lot about what makes some teams thrive and others wither. At LUXr she’s answering the question, “How can regular, smart people do predictably good user experience work in an agile or Lean Startup™ environment?” She believes the answer lies in the operating practices and behaviors of the team. Janice is a guest lecturer at Haas, Stanford, Northwestern, CCA and the Presidio Graduate School of Management. Prior to starting LUXr, Janice was a founding partner of Adaptive Path and served as the company’s first CEO.


Workshop 2005
Cass Phillipps (Webwallflower Events), Janice Fraser (LUXr), Kevin Systrom (Instagram), Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures)
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"If you haven't failed 5x more than you have succeeded, you're not prepared for success," - Jay Adelson, FailCon 2010. A new venture will fail in dozens ways: design, scaling, customer service, team development and more. Learn the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make, what ruins startups and new projects in their first year, and how you can best prepare from those who have gotten through it." Read more.
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