Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson
CEO, Braintree


Bryan Johnson is the founder and CEO of Braintree, a Web 2.0 payments company. Bootstrapped, profitable, and growing faster than ever anticipated, Braintree has become the gold standard for online payment services. Today, they power some of the world’s most exciting technology companies, including LivingSocial, 37signals, Github, Animoto and Airbnb. As one publication puts it, “Braintree’s customer list reads like the front page of TechCrunch.”

Bryan attributes much of Braintree’s success to embracing what he calls “The Chaotic Workplace”, a flexible, spontaneous, and tight-knit work environment with few rules aside from the guiding principle that everyone must be exceptional at their job. He notes that, for a company of Braintree’s size, management is an “unnecessary tax.” Remote-controlled helicopters and laser tag, on the other hand, are essential facets of any given workweek.

In his free time, Bryan is also a prolific guest-blogger for publications such as VentureBeat, TechCocktail and Young Entrepreneur, and has been profiled by Crain’s Business, Technori and PYMNTS. He’s a tinkerer and a problem-solver, and he is always in the middle of at least six books.


Bryan Johnson (Braintree)
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Accepting credit card payments is a critical requirement for any company that sells goods or services on its website--which, these days, is most companies. But doing so can be daunting and carries risk. Not only is the payments ecosystem complicated, it's also flooded with providers that have deceptive pricing and questionable business practices--including hoarding your data. Read more.
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