Trends Shaping the Future of Transactions

Heather Schlegel (heathervescent)
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What does the future of transactions look like? Researcher Heather
Schlegel has fresh data on the future of currency and alternate
transactions. In this session, she’ll share her findings, including
current behaviors around transactions, emerging payment options and
three invisible cultural trends that will shape our transactions.
Among the critical questions she’ll answer:

  • What are people using today to make transactions on and offline?
  • How are people using alternate currencies (game, reward/frequent
    flyer miles, wuffie)?
  • How people are using mobile payment technologies?
  • How are people participating in alternate economies (barter, gift,
    favor, etc)?
  • What are the most frequent methods of transactions used?
  • What payment options are the most controversial?
  • How will these trends manifest in the future?
  • What you can do with this information today?
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Heather Schlegel


Heather Schlegel is an independent researcher exploring alternative currencies and transactions; specifically how information technology is changing the physical and cultural way we borrow and lend. She is completing a Master’s of Technology in Strategic Foresight at the University of Houston’s Futures Program. Additional research projects include the impact of technology on identity creation and positive wildcards.

Prior to her futures research, Schlegel helped build and launch over 50 Internet products in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Schlegel is primarily known by her online moniker, heathervescent, where she explores the intersection of technology, culture and identity. Follow on Twitter @heathervescent.

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Picture of Adam Burrell
Adam Burrell
04/03/2011 11:58am PDT

Could you please post your slide deck? Thanks!

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