Speed = Dollars: How to Massively Scale WordPress

Mark Brown (Microsoft), Frederick Townes (Mashable.com)
Sponsored 2016
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It may not seem like much but just a few milliseconds in page load time can impact the success of your site. Users who can’t wait will abandon your site for another. Search engines will rank you lower keeping customers from finding your site in the first place. Performance matters, not just for large sites but small ones too if they hope to ever grow large. In this session we’re going to talk about the ways to create a website built to scale. We’ll use WordPress to demonstrate and measure its performance along the way as we apply various performance improvement techniques. This demonstration will also show a rather useful WordPress plugin, W3 Total Cache, which rolls many of these performance techniques together making it easier for anyone to create a high performance WordPress site. To make it even more interesting we’ll also do all this on a Windows and IIS webserver. Microsoft has been doing some good work improving WordPress performance on Windows so we’ll show some of that work off as well. Join Frederick Townes, CEO from W3 Edge and CTO for Mashable, one of the largest WordPress sites in use and Mark Brown from Microsoft’s Web Platform team as they walk though how to do it.

This session is sponsored by Microsoft

Photo of Mark Brown

Mark Brown


Mark Brown is a Senior Product Manager with Microsoft.

Frederick Townes


Frederick Townes is the Chief Technical Officer of Mashable.com, one of the top 3 blogs worldwide. As designer, search / social media marketer and WordPress consultant Frederick’s projects are typically based on WordPress. One of his largest contributions to the WordPress community was his performance plugin W3 Total Cache.

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