Teams That Ship Have More Fun! (And Profit)

Shay Frendt (Relevance, Inc.)
Product 2009
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What if you only had 2 weeks to ship your software?

I bet you’d ship the best feature first.

Would your customers object to you solving their problem that soon?

Well…what are you waiting for? Ship it!

In this talk, Shay will review real-life examples of how shipping less software, interacting with customers earlier, and keeping release cycles short have enabled product teams he’s worked on to learn faster, course correct sooner, and keep building the right thing.

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Shay Frendt

Relevance, Inc.

Shay Frendt brings a passion for both business and technology to the mix, having worked in the startup space as a designer, in international marketing as a translator, in the corporate world as a public sector tax consultant, and now as a developer and project manager here at Relevance. He hails from Atlanta, plays the drums, can be found snowboarding in the Winter, scuba diving in the Summer, and coding at all other times.

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Picture of David Greenholtz
David Greenholtz
03/29/2011 5:10am PDT

Thanks Shay!

Picture of Shay Frendt
Shay Frendt
03/29/2011 4:25am PDT

Hey David – here ya go:

Picture of David Greenholtz
David Greenholtz
03/29/2011 3:04am PDT

Hey, is there a shared link for this presentation? Thanks!

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