Ruby on Rails at a Snail's Pace

Matt Reider (Engine Yard), Jen Mei Wu (Blazing Cloud)
Workshop 2009
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Many of your favorite websites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Groupon use Ruby on Rails. Recruiters are on the hunt for Rails programmers, and there are not enough out there. If you are looking to shift your career into overdrive, Ruby on Rails is the way to go. This class will teach you the basics of Ruby on Rails, and give you a strong foundation upon which to grow.


You and your laptop. OS X or Windows.

Matt Reider

Engine Yard

Matt has been working in the web development sapce since the web’s inception in the mid 1990’s. He was master instructor for Adobe’s ColdFusion product, and taught classes in Java Performance Tuning from 2005. He is now a card carrying member of the Ruby on Rails community, and in charge of Engine Yard’s training and professional services teams.

Jen Mei Wu

Blazing Cloud

Jen-Mei has more than a decade years of experience across various aspects of software development. She’s worked for companies both large and small, in capacities including programmer, manager, QA engineer, and analyst. She’s been programming with Ruby since 2002, and with Ruby on Rails since 2005.

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Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
03/21/2011 1:50am PDT

@Bjorn: This is actually an all day workshop, with the lunch in the middle.

Bjorn Bergenheim
03/20/2011 11:28pm PDT

I see this continues on the afternoon. Will it be worth it to just do the first part, or are they really tight connected so you really need to to both to get anything out of it?

Matt Reider
03/16/2011 6:57am PDT

I imagine there is plenty of room. People don’t have to sign up ahead of time, so there’s no way of knowing how full, but we expect there to be ample space. Bring a friend :)

Kristen Throop
03/16/2011 6:53am PDT

How full is this workshop? Are there still spaces available?

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