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HTML5 is the future of web video. It’s required to play video on many mobile devices including the iPhone, and with the release of Internet Explorer 9 coming this year, it will be supported by the majority of web users. This session will be an introduction to getting HTML5 video running on your own site. Specifically covered will be:

  • Using the video tag and falling back to Flash for older browsers
  • Video format and encoding strategies
  • iPhone and Android bug fixes
  • Building your own controls with the javascript API
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Steve Heffernan


Steve Heffernan is the creator of Video.js, an open source web video player in use on over 1 million websites and with over 1 billion videos played per month. He’s currently leading product at Mux, building video performance monitoring and APIs for video streaming. Steve has been helping run the SF Video Tech Meetup and the Demuxed video engineering conference for the last five years.

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Steve Heffernan
03/31/2011 4:04pm PDT

Thanks to everyone who came to my session. I hope you found it valuable. -Steve

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