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Akshay Kothari (Pulse News), Purin Phanichphant (IDEO)
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From phone to tablets to microwaves to refrigerators, the world is now filled with touch devices. Pulse News, a beautiful mobile application that allows you to read your news visually, was developed by young Stanford graduate students. Started off as a class project, it now has a solid presence on both iOS and Android platforms. This talk will give you an insight on Pulse’s secret sauces on producing mobile applications that people love to touch.

Photo of Akshay Kothari

Akshay Kothari

Pulse News

Akshay is the co-founder of Pulse News, a beautiful mobile application that makes news reading fun and engaging. Previously, he was a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He calls himself a “fake EE” since he spent most of his time taking computer science and design courses. A year ago, Akshay and his co-founder, Ankit, designed and developed the Pulse News app in 6 weeks. They dreamed of selling a few hundred copies of Pulse to recover the cost of their brand new iPad. Today, their dreams have gotten much bigger as they hope to revolutionize the way people read news on mobile devices.

Photo of Purin Phanichphant

Purin Phanichphant


Though at different times, he’s masqueraded as a Hollywood star, a part-time prince, and a buddhist monk, Purin has always been a designer at heart. Drawing inspiration from his native Thailand, where fun, play, and lightheartedness are a way of life, and his fetish for buttons, knobs, and displays, Purin has designed a number of playful and interactive creations. His most recent work includes a six-foot-tall land-glider dubbed the Death Wheel 3000dx, an interface for human-computer sex, a wall covered with all the tap lights in the Bay Area, and a machine that churns out authentic Thai food with the push of a button.

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Picture of Purin Phanichphant
Purin Phanichphant
04/03/2011 1:20pm PDT
Picture of Adam Burrell
Adam Burrell
04/03/2011 12:02pm PDT

Could you please post your slides? Thanks!

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