Lean Start Up? But We Aren't A Start Up!

Mark Cook (Kodak Gallery)
Product 2009
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Kodak Gallery had a mid sized product development organization releasing on
a monthly basis and not really making much progress. Introducing lean start
up methods has significantly improved the impact of product development
activities. Mark will relay the the hurdles and the successes on this
ongoing journey. Specifically covered will be:

  • How to get started i.e. What to do when everyone shrugs and goes back to
    what they were doing
  • Using customer development to change customer research
  • Constructing an MVP for a feature of a larger service
  • Managing management
  • Shifting from waterfall to scrum
  • Killing the product roadmap (then go back to managing management)
  • The road to continuous deployment
  • Is learning really the measure of progress?
Photo of Mark Cook

Mark Cook

Kodak Gallery

Mark is the VP of Products at Kodak Gallery. A consumer internet service and consumer electronics veteran, Mark led the development of the worlds first wifi camera, directed Marketing and product activities for Kodak Picture Network and at the online photo pioneer PhotoNet.

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Ryan Money
03/30/2011 8:57am PDT

Mark’s presentation was so far the most beneficial presentation to me. He gave out so much information that it is going to take me a week to register it all. I really appreciated his content. The only thing I would like is a way to get in touch with him. Can’t find him on twitter and didnt get his email :)

Thanks! Ryan

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