Beyond Gamification: 7 Core Concepts to Create Compelling Products

Amy Jo Kim (ShuffleBrain)
Keynote Keynote Room - 3rd Level
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Games are infiltrating every aspect of daily life. Early-on, “gamification”
meant adding simple game mechanics like points, badges and leaderboards to
websites and apps. But that’s not what makes games truly compelling. Good
games take players on a journey, giving them something the learn and master.
Smart companies are creating game-like digital systems that shape real-world
behavior, using a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. In this
short talk, we’ll cover 7 Core Concepts for Smart Gamification, and learn to
“think like game designers” so we can develop more engaging products and

The 7 Core Concepts:

  1. Know who’s playing – design for their social style
  2. Build a system that’s easy to learn and hard to master
  3. Build fun/pleasure/satisfaction into your core activity loop
  4. Use Progress Mechanics to “light the way” towards learning and mastery
  5. Design for Onboarding, Habit-Building, and Elder Game
  6. As players progress, unlock greater challenges, customization and
  7. Give players real power via stats, voting, earned roles, &
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Amy Jo Kim


Amy Jo Kim is an internationally recognized expert in online social architecture. She has designed social architecture for Electronic Arts/Maxis/Origin, Digital Chocolate, MTV/Harmonix, eBay,, Yahoo!, and others. Her influential book Community Building on the Web (published 2000), translated into 7 languages, is required reading in universities and game companies around the world. She has a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from University of Washington, and a BA in Experimental Psychology from UCSD.

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