iPad: One Year Later

Raven Zachary (Small Society)
Product 2001
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A year has passed since the release of Apple’s iPad, and with it, new opportunities for developers, content publishers, and entrepreneurs, have clearly emerged. We now have a proven market for a third type of mobile, Internet-enabled device – more intimate than a laptop and more expansive than a smartphone. In a follow-up to his 2010 Web 2.0 Expo talk, “iPad: Mobile Computing Redefined,” Raven looks back on the first year of the iPad – its successes and failings, as well as a look forward to Apple’s new hardware and software technologies and their inevitable impact on the market. 2011 will be an even bigger year for the consumer tablet sector, with additional hardware players, continued app and services innovation, and a more mainstream, global market for these devices.

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Raven Zachary

Small Society

Raven Zachary is President of Small Society, working with big brands, established companies, investors, and startups on iOS strategy and product development for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Raven directed the Obama ’08 for iPhone application for the Obama Campaign in 2008, and has worked with companies such as Whole Foods Market, Zipcar, Amazon, and The Democratic Party on iOS application initiatives. He is the founder of iOSDevCamp, an not-for-profit iOS developer conference. Raven is regularly quoted by the press about the iOS market and is a frequent conference speaker on the topic.

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Peter Nyren
03/31/2011 3:54am PDT

Very engaging speakers with lots of interesting and useful information.

Doug Doug
03/31/2011 3:27am PDT

I don’t know why anyone would criticize this talk. I though it was a very clear and concise summary of the history of the iPad and it’s impact on our society and business culture. It was timely, relevant and interesting.

Picture of Sam Ramji
Sam Ramji
03/31/2011 2:34am PDT

I thought Raven’s session was excellent. His background as an analyst came through in his thorough research and analysis of the data. As a strategy executive who is trying to understand the likely trends for tablets and tablet platforms in 2011 this session gave me exactly what I needed. Well done.

Eve Howard
03/31/2011 2:28am PDT

This session was well organized, well paced and full of relevant data and analysis. Far exceeded my expectations as I didn’t expect a vision of a possible Apple iPad 3.

chuck Lenatti
03/30/2011 4:17pm PDT

Very good overview of tablets

Jason Best
03/30/2011 9:36am PDT

he stood in front of an audience at Web 2.0 (supposedly a very tech savvy audience) and gave us a history lesson about the iPad. this talk might be great at standard conferences, but I expected a lot more insight, opinions, best thinking at a Web 2.0 talk. very, very disappointing.

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